Friday, 29 June 2018

Natural History Museum - A collection of dinosaur delights

Reconstruction of dinosaurs when they lived on planet Earth
Despite what some films would have us believe, we're unlikely to see dinosaurs roaming zoos and safari parks anytime soon. So how do scientists determine how these intriguing animals fed, ran, bred and died? Museum palaeontologist Prof Paul Barrett fills us in.
Drawing of a T. rex at a bus stop
How an asteroid ended the age of the dinosaurs
Find out about dinosaurs' ultimate bad day.
Dinosaur survivors
Did you know dinosaurs are still with us today? Explore what survived, and why.
A bit of dino fun
Insect in amber
What dinosaur are you?
Discover which dinosaur shared your habits and personality.

Origami T. rex
Create an origami dinosaur
Give yourself a craft challenge and see if you can make this charming T. rex - it even has the famous tiny arms.
Want more dino facts?
Has Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom got its claws into you? It's certainly got Museum dinosaur researcher Dr David Button hooked.

Watch the Museum's Stegosaurus skeleton brought to life as Sir David Attenborough tells us more.
Win an exclusive dinosaur experience
Dinosaur jaw from the Museum's collection
Go behind the scenes
Enter our free prize draw for a chance to win a tour of the Museum's dinosaur collection with one of our palaeontologists, for you and five friends or family.