Monday, 25 June 2018

Historic Royal Palaces - Don't miss the joust at Hampton Court Palace

Tudor Joust weekend
The Joust
Hampton Court Palace
14 - 15 July

Join Henry VIII as he applauds the rival knights as they compete for glory, and soak up the thrill and spectacle of the joust. Watch the brave knights prepare and see courtiers practice the art of defence in our stunning sword fighting displays. Meet some of Henry’s court musicians and visit the kitchens where our chefs will be preparing food fit for a king.

Included in your palace admission.
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Make the most of your visit to Hampton Court Palace 
Tudor Kitchens
Henry VIII's kitchens

Visit our spectacular kitchens and experience the sights, sounds and smells of Tudor England as you immerse yourself in this living Tudor world.
Tudor Kitchens
The magic garden
The Magic Garden and Maze

Discover a fire-breathing dragon in our interactive play garden and afterwards lose the kids in our world-famous maze - How long will it take you to find the centre? 
The maze