Thursday 15 September 2016

Every advert in London Underground Clapham Common station has been replaced with cat photos

Every advert in a London Underground station has been replaced with cat photos

Dream big – and you could raise enough money to redecorate an entire tube station with photos of cats.
An inspirational group of cat lovers have done exactly that and we salute them, raising a paw.
The Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (CATS, if you didn’t get that) started a crowdfunding campaign to raise enough money to replace the standard adverts for new protein shakes and mortgage apps with pictures of, well, cats.
We reported on it back in the wishing and hoping stage, and now the plan has blossomed into the beautiful thing it is today, with more than 60 adverts displaying cute kittens and cats from every angle at Clapham Common tube station.
Or should we say CAT-ham Common.