Friday 16 September 2016

Museum of London - Workshops - Close to the bone - Feeling the heat

Was £36, now £20
Tue 20 Sep, 7pm
Museum of London
Prepare for an evening like no other as you enter the world of fire forensic to uncover what really caused the devastating inferno that was the Great Fire of 1666. From analysing replica human remains to stepping inside a portion of a room blackened by soot and smoke, piece together the clues, run your own forensic analyses, and apply principles of arson investigation to investigate one of the darkest events in our city’s history. No previous experience required.
Was £36, now £28
Fri 30 Sep, 7pm
Museum of London
Discover the stories bones reveal in this fascinating workshop guided by experts. Carefully piece together the hidden histories of Londoners who dwelt in the ancient city at five different periods in time using only the bones they left behind. From a syphilitic Victorian 'lady of the night' to a Georgian gentleman with more than a few medical conditions, work through the most remarkable puzzles you'll ever complete.