Sunday 14 December 2014

1961 - TV Times - Christmas cover and Listings

  Christmas Eve Sunday 24th December 1961


11.00am  Christmas Sunday Service  from Heaton Moor Congregational Church, Stockport, Cheshire

12.05pm  Closedown

  2.20pm  Interpol Calling

  2.45pm  Tempo

  3.35pm  Film : The Crowded Day

  5.05pm  Sir Francis Drake

  5.35pm  Supercar   Gerry Anderson puppet series

  6.05pm  News from ITN

  6.15pm  Journey of a Lifetime

  6.30pm  The Sunday Break

  7.00pm  About Religion

  7.25pm  News from ITN

  7.30pm  77 Sunset Strip

  8.25pm  Ring Out the Bells with Jo Stafford

  9.25pm  News

  9.35pm  Drama '61 : The Face of the Enemy,
                starring Thorley Walters, Avice Landon and Michael Aldridge

10.35pm  Blondes for Danger, with Gordon Harker,
                followed by Weather Forecast

11.50pm  First Communion of Christmas from Guildford Cathedral

  1.20am  Closedown

  ABC Midlands and Northern (as ATV except)

12.05pm  Yuletide Festival of Carols and Music from Liverpool Cathedral

12.50pm  Motor Cycle Scramble

  1.35pm  Christmas on the Other Man's Farm

  2.20pm  SOS Rhino (until 2.45)

  3.35pm  Sir Francis Drake

  4.05pm  The Film Show presents : April Showers with Ann Southern and Jack Carson

  5.20pm  Where Shall We Go ?

  5.45pm  Meet Foo Foo

  5.50pm  Seeing Christmas Stars (until 6.05)

  7.00pm  Living Your Life (until 7.25)

10.35pm  Tales of Dickens : Mr Pickwick's Dilemma
                starring John Salew, Harry Fowler and James Donald, introduced by Fredric March

11.00pm  Time to Remember

11.25pm  The Word in Season (until 11.50)

  Christmas Day Monday 25th December 1961

  Associated Rediffusion

11.15am  High Mass from St Dominic's Priory Church, Southampton Road, London

12.30pm  Closedown

  1.00pm  News

  1.05pm  Christmas Box

  2.00pm  The Cyril Stapleton Show

  3.00pm  Her Majesty The Queen

  3.07pm  Chipperfield's All Star Christmas Circus

  4.20pm  Close-Up

  5.00pm  For Children

  5.55pm  News from ITN

  6.05pm  His Grace The Archbishop of Canterbury

  6.15pm  Weather Forecast

  6.17pm  Christmas Alone

  6.45pm  Here and Now

  7.00pm  All Our Yesterdays Christmas 1936

  7.30pm  Coronation Street

  8.00pm  Gunsmoke

  8.55pm  News

  9.05pm  A Merry Max  with Max Bygraves

10.05pm  Film :  The Pickwick Papers starring James Hayter

11.57pm  The Epilogue

  Granada (as Associated Rediffusion except)

12.30pm  Music for Christmas

  5.00pm  Cartoon Time Huckleberry Hound, The Flintstones, Popeye (until 5.55)

  6.15pm  People and Places (until 7.00)

  8.00pm  Bonanza (until 8.55)

11.10pm  News Headlines

  Boxing Day Tuesday 26th December 1961

  Associated Rediffusion

  1.25pm  Racing from Wetherby

  3.30pm  Pencil and Paper

  4.00pm  Sport of the Year 1961

  4.35pm  Wally and the Ivy

  4.55pm  Sports Results

  5.00pm  For Children

  5.55pm  News

  6.06pm  Weather Forecast

  6.08pm  The Steve Race Four

  6.15pm  Mess Mates

  6.45pm  Film : Honeymoon for Three

  8.00pm  The Dickie Henderson Show

  8.30pm  Val Parnell presents All Kinds of Music

  9.25pm  News

  9.35pm  Film : Svengali  starring Donald Wolfit and Hildegarde Neff

11.05pm  This Wonderful World

11.35pm  Epilogue

  Granada (as Associated Rediffusion except)

  5.00pm  Tuesday Rendezvous (until 5.55)

  6.05pm  Granada Newsbrief (until 6.15)

  6.45pm  Film : Once Upon a Time  starring Cary Grant, Janet Blair (until 8.00)

11.00pm  News Headlines, Northern Newscast

11.15pm  Popeye

11.45pm  Goodnight