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TV - Times Christmas Cover 1967 - Listings

Christmas Eve Sunday 24th December 1967


11.00am  Christmas in the Manchester Mission morning service from The Central Hall, Manchester

12.15pm  The New 3 Stooges

12.30pm  Sounds of Summer

  1.15pm  The Royal Palaces of Britain

  2.15pm  Film : The Pride of the Yankees  starring Gary Cooper

  4.30pm  Kelvin Hall Circus

  5.30pm  Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons

  6.00pm  News

  6.15pm  Village of Peace Tree House Family in Pestalozzi

  6.35pm  How on Earth, from Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

  7.25pm  Film : Beau Brummel  starring Stewart Granger and Elizabeth Taylor

  9.35pm  News

  9.45pm  Secombe and Friends, Harry Secombe with Alfred Marks, Peter Maxwell,
                Nina and Frederik, Joan Turner, Norman Vaughan and Tom Jones

11.05pm  Eamonn Andrews Show followed by Weather

11.55pm  Manchester Cathedral Christmas Eucharist

  ABC Midland and North (as ATV except)

12.15pm  It's a Dog's World

  1.05pm  The Golden Shot

  1.50pm  Film : The Music Man starring Robert Preston, Shirley Jones (until 4.30)

  5.30pm Skippy (until 6.00)

  7.25pm  Film : Ice Palace  starring Richard Burton, Robert Ryan, Carolyn Jones

  9.00pm  News

  9.10pm  Film : Ice Palace continued (until 9.45)

  Christmas Day Monday 25th December 1967


  9.00am  I Saw Three Ships

  9.30am  Comedy Time

10.00am  David and the Donkey

10.45am  A Tale of Canterbury  with the Archbishop and John Betjeman

11.00am  A Service for Christmas  from the Church of St James', Bierton, Bucks

11.45am  A Christmas Stocking  Wilfred Pickles visits St Vincent`s Orthopaedic Hospital, Pinner

12.30pm  The Beverly Hillbillies

  1.00pm  News

  1.02pm  The World of Roy Castle

  2.00pm  All Kinds of Music

  3.00pm  The Queen, Her Majesty's Message to the Commonwealth

  3.10pm  Film : Fancy Pants  starring Bob Hope and Lucille Ball

  4.43pm  Many Moons a James Thurber fairy story

  5.05pm  Sexton Blake

  5.55pm  News, Weather

  6.09pm  Alice in Wonderland or What's a Nice Kid Like You Doing in a Place Like This ?
                musical cartoon featuring the voices of Sammy Davis Jnr, Zsa Zsa Gabor

  7.00pm  Coronation Street

  7.30pm  Aladdin  starring Cliff Richard, The Shadows, Arthur Askey, Vanessa Howard

  9.05pm  Film : The Singer Not the Song  starring Dirk Bogarde and John Mills

10.00pm  News at Ten, Weather

10.15pm  Film : Singer Not the Song  continued

11.35pm  A Tale of Canterbury (repeat)

12.15pm  Songs of East and West- the Spirit of Christmas  Donald Swann with Nadia Cattouse

  Granada (as Redifussion except)

  9.35am  Film : Scrooge  starring Alastair Sim (until 11.00)

11.45am  Time for a Laugh

12.05pm  The Fight for York Minster

12.35pm  Film : The Golden Blade starring Rock Hudson and Piper Laurie (until 2.00)

  3.10pm  Aladdin

  4.40pm  The Flintstones (until 5.05)

  6.05pm  Sonia Henie and her Ice Show (until 7.30)

  8.00pm  You`re in the Army Now starring Jimmy Durante, Phil Silvers and Jane Wyman

  9.05pm  The Saint  The House on Dragon's Rock, starring Roger Moore (until 10.00)

10.15pm  Down at the Old Bull and Bush  with The Bachelors,
                Bud Flanagan, Kenneth McKellar and Scott Walker

11.15pm  Film : The Thief of Baghdad  Douglas Fairbanks Jnr with Anna May Wong

12.50pm  Close

  Boxing Day Tuesday 26th December 1967


10.00am  Batman

10.50am  The Compliments of the Season

11.30am  Film : Scrooge  starring Alastair Sim

  1.00pm  The Legend of Custer

  1.55pm  News

  2.00pm  World of Sport (2.05 Motor Racing from Brands Hatch: BRSCC Meeting
                2.15 Ice Dancing, from Richmond Ice Rink
                2.35 Motor Racing: Les Leston Formula 3, over 15 laps
                3.00 International Tennis: Rothmans Tournament
                3.45 Motor Racing: Redex A production Saloon over 1300cc, 4.00 Wrestling)

  4.45pm  The Playtime Christmas Box

  4.52pm  The Hunting of the Snark

  5.20pm  Zoo Time

  5.50pm  Sports Results

  5.55pm  News, Weather

  6.09pm  Crossroads

  6.35pm  Do Not Adjust Your Set or A Happy Boxing Day and a Preposterous New Year
                introductory programme to a new 13 week revue series for teenagers,
                with Denise Coffey, Eric Idle and The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band

  7.00pm  Benny Hill Show

  8.00pm  Film : Waltz of the Toradors  starring Peter Sellers

10.00pm  News at Ten, Weather

10.30pm  Down at the Old Bull and Bush  with The Bachelors, Bud Flanagan, Kenneth McKellar,
                Scott Walker, Kim Cordell and Aimi Macdonald

11.30pm  Dragnet: The Shooting Board  starring Harry Morgan and Jack Webb

12.00      Songs of the East and West: the Spirit of Christmas, Donald Swann & Peter Jansens

  Granada (as Rediffusion except)

10.10am  Thunderbirds

11.00am  Richard the Lionheart

11.25am  Film : That Certain Age  starring Deanna Durbin

  1.05pm  The Road West (until 1.55)

  4.45pm  Firstimers Awards Edition

  4.55pm  Do Not Adjust Your Set (until 5.20)

  6.05pm  Film :  Rhapsody in Blue  starring Robert Alda, Joan Leslie, Alexis Smith

  8.30pm  Tightrope

  9.00pm  Benny Hill Show (until 10.00)

10.30pm  Film : The City of the Dead

11.55pm  Goodnight