Saturday 20 December 2014

Radio Times Christmas 1972 - What Was On

Christmas Eve Sunday 24th December 1972  


10.00am  In Mercy and Love Unite
                Mass from St Dunstan`s Church,
                King's Heath, Birmingham

11.05am  A Christmas Carol  animation

11.30am  Jerusalem International
                A film by Hugh Burnett
                The tourists and pilgrims scatter across the                   countryside around Jerusalem in search of                   the shrines of three of the world's great                       religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam

12.20am  The Vienna Boys Choir
                introduced by Michael Flanders Conducted                     by Anton Neyder

  1.00pm  The Golden Age of Comedy
                Brilliant and hilarious highlights of laughter                   from the studios of Mack Sennett and Hal                     Roach , featuring the most famous                               comedians of the 1920s: Laurel and Hardy                   Harry Langdon, Will Rogers , Ben Turpin 
                Charlie Chase , Andy Clyde 
                Billy Bevan , Charlie Murray not to mention                   Cameo, the wonder dog (b&w)

  2.15pm  Mary, Mungo and Midge
                The Letter

  2.30pm  Film : Davy Crockett-
                King of the Wild Frontier (1955)
                with Fess Parker, Buddy Ebsen,                 Basil Ruysdael

  4.00pm  Around the World in Eighty Minutes 
                a guided tour of our spectacular planet with                 Joyce Grenfell , Kenneth Allsop David                           Attenborough and Tony Soper 

  5.20pm  Disney Time  introduced by Rolf Harris                with scenes from
                Snow White and Seven Dwarfs
                Peter and the Wolf
                Mickey Mouse
                Bear Country
                Darby O'Gill and the Little People
                and a new film, Snowball Express

  6.05pm  News, Weatherman Bert Foord

  6.15pm  Fancy Sending Them Away
                film about a special school

  6.35pm  The New Beginning
                The story of Jesus told in pictures 
                2: The Coming of the Christ 

  6.45pm  Carols with King's College Choir
                from Lincoln Cathedral 
                Christmas music and readings to mark the                   900th Anniversary of the founding of                           Lincoln Cathedral

  7.25pm  Film : West Side Story (1961)
                with Natalie Wood, Richard Beymer, 

  9.50pm  News Peter Woods Weather

10.00pm  Omnibus : Judy
                Impressions of Garland 
                A profile of Judy Garland, one of the world's                   greatest entertainers, who died three years                   ago in London at the age of 47

11.05pm  A Ghost Story for Christmas
                A Warning to the Curious
11.55pm  Nativity
                Midnight Eucharist 
                from the Parish Church of St Mary, Portsea

  Christmas Day Monday 25th December 1972  

  9.30am  This is Christmas Morning
                Seasonal words and music spoken, sung and                 played by the boys and girls of Chetham's                     School, Manchester

10.00am  Mr Benn

10.15am  News Summary
                Weatherman Graham Parker

10.20am  Born in the City
                a service for Christmas morning

11.25am  A Christmas Appeal 
                Robert Dougall appeals on behalf of                               Television for the Deaf 

11.30am  A Stocking Full of Stars opened by
                Michael Aspel and Roy Castle, featuring
                Bruce Forsyth and the Generation Game,
                Basil Brush, Blue Peter, The Goodies,
                Animal Magic, Laurel and Hardy,
                Penelope Pitstop, Tom and Jerry,
                Top of the Pops, Vision On, Yogi Bear

  1.30pm  The Black and White Minstrel Show
                starring The Mitchell Minstrels featuring 
                Ted Darling , Dai Francis, Margaret Savage 
                Andy Cole , Les Rawlings 

                with The Television Toppers 

  2.10pm  Top of the Pops 72
                part 1, with Jimmy Savile and Ed Stewart
  3.00pm  The Queen
                speaks to the Commonwealth

  3.05pm  Billy Smart's Christmas Circus

  4.10pm  Dick Whittington
                starring Dick Emery and Peter Noone
  5.45pm  News Robert Dougall

  5.55pm  Bruce Forsyth and the Generation Game

  6.55pm  Christmas Night with the Stars,
                introduced by Ronnie Corbett and 
                Ronnie Barker, featuring Cilla Black, Lulu,  
                Dad's Army, Look - Mike Yarwood, 
                The Liver Birds, The Goodies, 
                The Young Generation, The Two Ronnies

  8.15pm  The Morecambe and Wise
                Christmas Show
                A star-studded holiday special starring 
                Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise with special                 guests 
Glenda Jackson, Jack Jones,

                Vera Lynn, Pete Murray with Kenny Ball and                 his Jazzmen and guest appearances of                         Shirley Bassey, Ian Carmichael,
                Fenella Fielding, Eric Porter , Andre Previn ,                   Flora Robson

  9.15pm  Film : Barefoot in the Park (1967)
                starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda

11.00pm  The Good Old Days 1953-1973
                special Christmas edition which also marks                   the 150th programme of Old-Time Music-                     Hall from the stage of the Famous City                         Varieties Theatre, Leeds.

11.50pm  A Story for Christmas
                Told by John Slater 

12.00      Weather

12.05am  Closedown

  Boxing Day Tuesday 26th December 1972


  9.10am  Camberwick Green 
                Mickey Murphy, the Baker

  9.25am  Winter Quarters
                The wildlife of the Norfolk Broads makes                       itself snug and awaits the coming spring

10.00am  Film : Journey to the Centre of the Earth
                (1959) starring James Mason

12.00      Holiday Grandstand
               (12.05 Football Preview, 12.20 Rugby                 League: Leeds v Wakefield T,
               1.05, 1.40, 2.10 Racing from Kempton
               1.25, 1.55 Motor Racing from Brands Hatch)

  2.35pm  It's a Christmas Knock-Out!
                from Aviemore Centre, Scotland.
                Great Britain: Aviemore 
                Holland: Ysselstein 
                Belgium: Angleur                 Italy: Madonna Di Campiglio 

  3.30pm  Film : Help!(1965)
                starring The Beatles with Leo McKern ,                         Eleanor Bron Victor Spinetti , Roy Kinnear 
  5.00pm  News Summary
                Weather and Today's Sport

  5.15pm  Holiday on Ice
                with Joan Haanappel and 
                Wolfgang Schwarz

  6.05pm  The Sound of Petula
                staring Petula Clark

  6.50pm   Film : Carry On Cleo (1964)
                 starring Sidney James,Kenneth Williams                        Kenneth Connor, Charles Hawtrey                  Joan Sims, Jim Dale, Amanda Barrie 

  8.20pm  The Last Goon Show of All
                A unique occasion recorded by outside                           broadcast cameras during the BBC                               Anniversary celebrations earlier in the year,                 when a special edition of radio's most                           famous comedy show took place before a                     distinguished audience at the Camden                         Theatre in London.

  9.00pm  News Richard Whitmore Weather

  9.10pm  Till Death Us Do Part
                starring Warren Mitchell, Dandy Nichols                         Anthony Booth and Una Stubbs featuring                     Bill Maynard and special guests from                 Jesus Christ Superstar 

  9.55pm  Shirley Bassey
                recently returned from a record-breaking                     appearance in New York With Segment 

10.40pm  Mastermind

11.10pm  Mr Wodehouse Speaking
                William Mervyn presents the Comic and                       Idyllic World Of P G Wodehouse

12.10am  Weatherman Keith Best Closedown

  Christmas Eve Sunday 24th December 1972


  4.30pm  Money at Work
                The Poverty of Nations

  5.30pm  Horizon
                Patently Absurd
  6.15pm  News Review
                A digest of the news of the week plus a                         visual commentary for the deaf

  6.50pm  News Summary

  6.55pm  Christmas! What's It All About ?
                A Quiz for Christmas Eve with
                Jimmy Savile OBE , Tania Mallett 

                The Rev David Martin                 Questionmaster Brian Redhead 

  7.25pm  America
                A Personal History of the United States in 
                13 parts written and narrated by 
                Alistair Cooke 7/13 : A Firebell in the Night 

  8.15pm  Face the Music
                A Christmas Eve edition of this musical quiz 
                Chairman Joseph Cooper with Joyce Grenfell 
                Bernard Levin , Robin Ray 
                Guest Clifford Curzon 

  8.45pm  For Loving 
                a play for Christmas by John King

  9.30pm  Milligan in Winter
                entertainment with words and 
                music by Spike Milligan

10.00pm  A Day Out  
                by Alan Bennett

10.50pm  Up Sunday
                with James Cameron , Kenny Everett                           William Rushton , John Wells 

11.00pm  News on 2

11.05pm  Film : The Quiet Man (1952)
                starring John Wayne and Maureen O`Hara

  1.10am  Closedown


  Christmas Day Monday 25th December 1972  


11.00am  Play School
                presented by Miranda Connell , Rick Jones                Story: The Christmas Story

11.25am  The Point
                Dustin Hoffman narrates this cartoon with                   music about a land where everything and                     everyone is pointed - except little Oblio, a                     boy who is always pointed at.                 Songs written and sung by Harry Nilsson

12.40pm  The Vanishing Hedgerows
                 Another chance to see this highly-praised                      documentary, entered for the 1973 Monte                    Carlo International TV Festival

  1.30pm  Look, Stranger
                The World of Jane Phillips

  1.55pm  News Headlines

  2.00pm  Golf Story 72 
                with Tony Jacklin,
                Lee Trevino and Gary Player

  3.00pm  The Queen
                speaks to the Commonwealth
  3.05pm  Film : Henry V (1944) 
                produced and directed by Laurence Olivier
  5.15pm  Call My Bluff
                A duel of words and wit between Frank Muir 
                Jean Marsh , Miles Kington and 

                Patrick Campbell Anne Stallybrass 
                Douglas Fairbanks Jr 
                Referee : Robert Robinson 

  5.45pm  Childhood of Christ
                by Berlioz                 A musical evocation of the familiar story of                   the Holy Family's flight into Egypt

  7.25pm  The Stallion
                a man's efforts to 
                capture a 
black Arab stallion
  8.15pm  La Sylphide
                film from French Television of a romantic                   ballet first performed at the Paris Opera 140                 years ago

  9.25pm  The Stone Tape
                by Nigel Kneale, 
Michael Bryant and Jane Asher

10.55pm  News on 2

11.00pm  America
                a Personal History of the United States by                     Alistair Cooke   7/13
11.50pm  Fred Astaire
                in a special edition of The Dick Cavett Show

12.40am  Closedown

  Boxing Day Tuesday 26th December 1972


11.00am  Play School
                today's story: Good King Wenceslas

11.25am  Closedown

  1.25pm  Film : The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
                (1943) with Roger Livesey, Deborah Kerr,                   Anton Walbrook

  3.30pm  Star Pieces
                James Mason, Honor Blackman. Una Stubbs                 Derek Nimmo, Deryck Guyler, Dimitri,                           Tiomkin, Donald Pleasence, Anita Harris,                       Leslie Crowther , Vince Hill 
                Julie Ege, Stanley Baker and 
                Arthur Negus each talk about a favourite                     piece in their collections. 

                Hugh Scully introduces Collector's World

  4.10pm  The Living Arctic
                The summer bloom of flowers, beasts and                     birds is legendary. Narrator Derek Jones 

  4.40pm  Orville and Wilbur
                with Stacey Keach and James Keach

  6.05pm  McCrindell's Toys
                Soho publican Ron McCrindell has been                         collecting old toys for over a quarter of a                       century 

  6.40pm  News Summary, Weather

  6.50pm  Falstaff
                Verdi's comic opera

  8.55pm  Skis Across the Alps
                Last winter a party Of British ski-                                 mountaineers set out to traverse the entire                 length of the Alps from east to west,                             climbing some of the highest mountains on                   the way

  9.55pm  The Edwardians
                The Reluctant Juggler
                A night at an Edwardian music-hall both on                   stage and backstage, where the performers                   are organising a strike
                with Georgia Brown, Jack Douglas,
                Fulton Mackay, Peter Pratt 
                and George Sewell

11.10pm  News on 2

11.15pm  The Old Grey Whistle Test
                 In this special ' Sampler' edition Bob Harris                    introduces a selection of some of the                            highlights of the last series, including 
                 The Beach Boys, Jerry Lee Lewis , Kris                          Kristofferson, Roxy Music, Rolling Stones,                      The Beatles and many others