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Radio Times Christmas Cover 1967 - Listings - What Was On

Christmas Eve Sunday 24th December 1967


  9.00am Apna Hi Ghar Samajhiye
for viewers from Pakistan and India

  9.25am  The News 
Peter Walker and
                The Weather Man

  9.35am  The Christmas People
 Christmas is for children, and without them                 the festival loses much of its joy 
                But how do the children see it themselves?                   What do they think of it, what do they enjoy                 most about it? How do they regard their                       parents, relations, and adult friends? 

10.00am  Jackanory
 Dandy Nichols pays a special visit to tell 
                The Christmas Tale of Sam Pig

10.15am  Little Dog Lost
                a real-life story filmed by Walt Disney

11.00am  Seeing and Believing
  The Case for Carols

11.30am  The Monroes
Teach the Tigers to Purr
                A Western film series
                A family of five youngsters face the                               challenge of the new frontiers in the raw                       and uncompromising Wyoming territory of                   the 1870s

12.20pm  John Gilpin Rides Again
 hilarious cartoon version of the epic ride                     undertaken by that worthy citizen Mr. Gilpin                 on a runaway horse

12.30pm  The Golden Age of Comedy
Highlights of laughter from the studios of                     Mack Sennett and Hal Roach featuring many                 famous comedians of the 1920's

  1.45pm  The News and The Weather

  1.50pm  The Sooty Show
featuring Sooty and Sweep assisted by Harry                 Corbett in The Carol Singers

  2.00pm  Film : David Copperfield (1935)
starring Lionel Barrymore, Edna May Oliver
                Elizabeth Allan, Basil Rathbone
                Maureen O'Sullivan

  4.05pm  Hansel and Gretel
 Opera -  The Sadler's Wells production of the                 ever-popular masterpiece by Engelbert                         Humperdinck 

  5.40pm  Les Miserables
 Dramatised in ten parts 
                10: Redemption 

  6.05pm  The News 
Peter Walker and The Weather

  6.15pm  Meeting Point
The House by the Stable 
                A play by Charles Williams

  6.50pm  Carols from King's College, Cambridge
a Service of Lessons and Carols

  7.25pm  Steptoe and Son
Pilgrim's Progress

  7.55pm  Dr Finlay's Casebook
 Unfit to Marry

  8.45pm  The News
with Richard Baker followed by
                The Weather

  8.55pm  Film : The Inn of the Sixth Happiness
starring Ingrid Bergman, 
                Robert Donat

11.25pm  Sir Malcolm's Carols
from Stamford 
                Sir Malcolm Sargent 's carol arrangements 

11.50pm  Midnight Mass
from the Roman Catholic Church
                of St Alban and St Stephen, St Albans

Christmas Day Monday 25th December 1967


  9.00am  We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Three thousand children sing a Christmas                     greeting at the Robert Mayer Carol                               Concert 

  9.30am  The News 
George Luce and The Weather

  9.40am  Jackanory
with Mike Hope and Alby Keen
                It's pantomime time all this week to                             Jackanory, beginning today with The                             Splendid History of Mother Goose and her                     Golden Eggs

  9.55am  The Sooty Show
featuring Sooty and Sweep assisted by 
                Harry Corbett in Christmas Shopping

10.05am  The Charlie Chaplin Comedy Theatre :                           
The Cure

10.30am  Nina and Frederick
 in The Christmas Tree
                A new version of Hans Andersen's                                 Christmas story 

11.00am  Morning Service
for Christmas Day
                from St George's Parish Church,

11.45am  Leslie Crowther
invites you to Meet the Kids in hospital at                     Christmas with The Monkees
                Davy Jones , Peter Tork
                Micky Dolenz , Mike Nesmith in Hollywood

12.30pm  Z Cars
  Family Affair : part 1

12.55pm  The News 
George Luce and
                The Weatherman

  1.05pm  A Spoonful of Sugar
special Christmas edition

  1.35pm  Three-Way Christmas Quiz
 A special holiday contest in which 
                The Ask the Family winners,
                The Dupre Family from Frant, Sussex                           challenge the two Top of the Form                               Finalists Burnt Mill School, Harlow and                           either: The Regis School, Tettenhall or                         Kirkton High School, Dundee
                (depending on result of contest on                               December 21)

  2.05pm  Top of the Pops 67
part 1
                with Jimmy Savile, Pete Murray
                and Alan Freeman

  3.00pm  The Queen
Her Majesty's Message to the

  3.10pm  Billy Smart's Circus

  4.15pm  Disney Time
with Dick van Dyke

  5.00pm  Cinderella
BBC1's Christmas pantomime,
                starring Jimmy Tarbuck, Terry Scott, 

                Hugh Lloyd

  6.30pm  The News 
with Robert Dougall followed by                     The Weather

  6.35pm  War on Want
Christmas Appeal by James Mossman 

  6.40pm  Christmas Night with the Stars
 introduced by Rolf Harris, 
                featuring Billy Cotton, David Nixon,
                Beryl Reid, Sandie Shaw,
                Kenneth Williams, Till Death Us Do Part,
                Beggar My Neighbour, 

                The Illustrated Weekly Hudd, 
                Steptoe and Son

  8.40pm  Ken Dodd
in the Ken Dodd Christmas Show
                starring The Seekers

  9.40pm  Film : The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
starring James Stewart,
                John Wayne, Vera Miles

11.35pm  The News 
with Robert Dougall followed by                     The Weather

11.40pm  Suliotis Sings
Another chance to see the British debut of a                 new world opera star -at the age of twenty-                 four 

12.40am  An Astronomer's Christmas
 Some reflections by Sir Bernard Lovell ,                         F.R.S. Director of Jodrell Bank Experimental                   Station and Professor of Radio Astronomy In                 the University of Manchester

12.47am  The Weather Man
George Luce

12.50am  Closedown

 Boxing Day Tuesday 26th December 1967


  9.15am  Jackanory
with Mike Hope and Alby Keen 
                The Incredible Saga of Sinbad the Sailor

  9.30am  The News and The Weather

  9.35am  Belle and Sebastian
Part 13: The Proof 
                Jean tries to find the evidence which will                       prove his innocence

10.00am  Film : Last of the Mohicans (1936)
 starring Randolph Scott

11.30am  Green Acres
A film from the comedy series of far-from-                     quiet country life starring Eddie Albert as the                 successful big-city lawyer Oliver Wendell                       Douglas and Eva Cabor as Lisa, his luxury-                   loving wife who dream of the perfect rural                     existence, but down on the farm.... An Old-                   fashioned Christmas ... it something of a                       novelty!

11.55am  The Lions of Longleat
second chance to see the first outside                           broadcast from Europe's first Big Game                         Reserve

12.30pm  Z Cars 
Family Affair : Part 2

12.55pm  Boxing Day Grandstand
(1.00 Motor Racing: BBC Grandstand
                Boxing Day Trophy, 1.10 News,
                1.11, 2.35 Target Golf Semi Final:
                Peter Thomson v Malcolm Gregson,
                1.25, 1.55, 2.15 Racing from Nice,
                1.45, 2.50 Motor Racing,
                2.10 Football News,
                3.00 Rugby League: Hunslet v Hull KR)

  3.45pm  Film : The Road to Morocco (1942)
starring Bob Hope and Bing Crosby

  5.05pm  Tom and Jerry 
 Neapolitan Mouse

  5.15pm  Today's Sport
 introduced by Frank Bough bringing you the                 day's Football and Rugby Football results

  5.25pm  Top of the Pops '67
 (part 2) with Jimmy Savile
                Alan Freeman, Pete Murray

  6.10pm  The News
with Michael Aspel and The Weather

  6.15pm  Brigadoon
The famous Lerner and Loewe Musical
                The classic fantasy of an enchanted Scottish                 village which comes to life only once every                   century

  7.30pm  Frost Over Christmas
A wry look at the festive season starring
                David Frost with Ronnie Barker , John                           Cleese, Ronnie Corbett, Sheila Steafel and                     Julie Felix

  8.10pm  This is Petula Clark
The international singing star presents a                       new series of programmes live from London                 accompanied by The Breakaways

  8.35pm  The Beatles
present their own film, Magical Mystery Tour

  9.25pm  News 
with Michael Aspel followed by 
                The Weather

  9.35pm  Film : The Square Peg (1958)
 starring Norman Wisdom

11.00pm  Peter Ustinov
 in a Christmas Conversation with 
                Judi Dench, Patrick Campbell and 
                Kenneth Allsop 

Christmas Eve Sunday 24th December 1967


  3.00pm  Bird's Eye View of Great Britain
To a bird's eye, the whole story of man in                     this island, from John O'Groats to Land's                       End, is written plain on the surface of the                     earth - past, present, and future 

  4.15pm  Villa Mon Reve
My Dream House
                A light-hearted cartoon from France on the                   problems of buying a house

  4.30pm  Gene Kelly
in Jack and the Beanstalk
                A seasonal fairy story with music

  5.20pm  Professor in Toyland
Some enchanting questions for enquiring                     minds asked by Professor Julius Sumner                       Miller on walking toys, singing toys,                               swimming toys, flying toys...

  5.50pm  How the Grinch Stole Christmas
cartoon film with music and song 
                Boris Karloff narrates this unusual and                         amusing Christmas story

  6.15pm  Newsyear '67
for the deaf and hard of hearing 
                The excitement, interest, and                                       entertainment of twelve months of news,                     filmed as and where it happened by                             cameramen throughout the world

  7.25pm  Film : Mr Topaze (1961)
starring Peter Sellers, Nadia Gray

  8.55pm  Charlie Drake Show
 with The Three Bells, Flight Four,
                The George Mitchell Singers

  9.40pm  Call My Bluff
A duel of words and wit between
                Michael Flanders with Phyllis Calvert.                             Dorian Williams and Patrick Campbell                            with Ann Summer, Richard Todd 

                Referee : Robert Robinson 

10.10pm  New Faces
  fast-moving film revue

11.45pm  News Summary

11.50pm  Late Night Line-Up
A special film for Christmas Eve :
                Someone in the Lift

Christmas Day Monday 25th December 1967


11.00am  Play School
    Useful Box Day 

11.25am  Closedown

  3.00pm  The Queen
Her Majesty's Message to the

  3.10pm  The Royal Palaces of Britain
 In this unique film originally shown on                         Christmas Day last year Sir Kenneth Clark                     tells the story of the kings and queens who                   built these palaces and filled them with the                   greatest private collection of art in the                         world 

  4.10pm  Amahl and the Night Visitors
 An opera in one act 

  5.00pm  Film : Doctor in Love (1960)
 starring Michael Craig, Virginia Maskell
                James Robertson Justice 

  6.30pm  Red Skelton
 in Clown Alley

  7.20pm  Film : The Flute and the Arrow (1957)
a 1957 Swedish drama film directed by Arne                 Sucksdorff. It was entered into the 1958                     Cannes Film Festival

  8.30pm  The Rumanian National Dance
                Company and Orchestra
An exciting and colourful spectacular                             featuring the romantic music of Rumania by                 eighty dancers and musicians on their first                   visit to this country

  9.15pm  Coral Caverns
narrated by Derek Jones, Florida has one of                   the most unusual national parks in the                         world : The John Pennekamp Coral Reef                       State Park

  9.40pm  The Black and White Minstrel Show
Compère : Leslie Crowther

10.25pm  News Summary

10.30pm  Bach's Christmas Oratorio
  Parts 1, 2, and 3 Conducted by Benjamin                     Britten. The Aldeburgh Festival performance                 from the Great Church of the Holy Trinity                     Long Melford, Suffolk

12.05am  Late Night Line Up
A last look around the dally scene with                         Michael Dean, Joan Bakewell
                Tony Bilbow, Brian King and Sheridan                           Morley



  Boxing Day Tuesday 26th December 1967


11.00am  Play School
 In the story chair, Roy Castle Today's story :                 "The Trumpet"

11.25am  Closedown

  3.00pm  Film : Smiley (1956)
starring Colin Petersen, Bruce Archer, 
                Ralph Richardson 

  4.35pm  Spike Milligan's Sad/Happy Ending Story of                   the Bald Twit Lion
The world premiere of a story told by 
                Spike Milligan

  5.05pm  The Andy Williams Ice Show

  5.55pm  Face the Music
A chance to match your musical wits, if you                 have any on Boxing Day, against
                Juliet Mills, Richard Baker, Robin Ray 

  6.40pm  Danny Kaye Christmas Show
in which Danny Kaye and his special guests,
                Wayne Newton, Peggy Lee entertain to the                   music of Paul Weston and his Orchestra

  7.30pm  Titipu
A highly-coloured version of The Mikado

  9.00pm  Life
in the animal world : False faces ?

  9.45pm  This is the Life
 C'est la Vie 
                Maurice Chevalier and Diahann                                     Carroll sing and dance their way through                       a programme of favourites old and new 

10.35pm  Leningrad  
 Leningrad is renowned as one of the world's                 most colourful cities. This film recalls its                       history and reveals its wealth of art                               treasures 

11.25pm  News Summary

11.30pm  Late Night Line-Up
A last look around the daily scene with                         Michael Dean , Joan Bakewell
                Tony Bilbow , Brian King and Sheridan                           Morley