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TV Times Christmas Cover 1970

Christmas Eve Thursday 24th December 1970

  ITV London

  9.45am  Origami   Robert Harbin demonstrates the ancient Japanese art of paper folding

  9.55am  Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

10.45am  It's a Dog's World

11.35am  Film : Virginia City starring Randolph Scott, Errol Flynn, Humphrey Bogart

  1.45pm  Timeslip

  2.15pm  Junior Showtime Christmas Party

  3.00pm  Crossroads

  3.25pm  Film : The Sundowners starring Deborah Kerr, Robert Mitchum, Peter Ustinov

  5.50pm  News

  6.00pm  This is Tom Jones

  7.00pm  Nearest and Dearest  Compliments of the Season
                Christmas . . . the time for the loved ones to be gathered together. . . .

  7.30pm  Film : Invitation to a Gunfighter  starring Yul Brynner, George Segal, Janice Rule

  9.10pm  Carry On Again Christmas Carry On Long John

10.10pm  News from ITN

10.25pm  Christmas Eve at the Golden Garter

11.25pm  Take One Swann

11.50pm  Concelebrated Christmas Mass from St Gregory the Great, Seacroft, Leeds

12.45am  Weather and Closedown

  ITV Yorkshire (as ITV London except)

10.00am  Origami with Robert Harmin

10.15am  Survival The Island That Came Back to Life

10.45am  Film : Tarzan's Desert Mystery starring Johnny Weissmuller

12.00       A Christmas Carol (b&w)

  1.00pm  Adventure in Rainbow Country

  1.30pm  Film : Clarence the Cross-Eyed Lion

  3.00pm  Junior Showtime Christmas Party

  3.45pm  Film : The Three Musketeers starring Gene Kelly, June Allyson, Vincent Price (until 5.50pm)

11.25pm  Carols in Kirkgate (until 11.50pm)

  Christmas Day Friday 25th December 1970

  ITV London

  8.15am  Sing a Song of Christmas

  9.00am  Anita in Jumbleland with Anita Harris
                It's Christmas Day in Jumbleland and among the junk Anita and the
                kids discover a Christmas tree, a sleigh and surprise! surprise!
                - a present for Anita herself

  9.15am  Parish Communion from the Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Alban

10.15am  Christmas Cinema with Michael Parkinson

11.00am  A Merry Morning with Leslie Crowther

11.30am  Film : Tarzan's Peril  starring Lex Barker

  1.00pm  Kelvin Hall Circus

  2.00pm  A Gift from Gracie The Bachelors, Gracie Fields, Bruce Forsyth, Harry Secombe,
                Mike and Bernie Winters

  3.00pm  The Queen

  3.20pm  Film : The Incredible Mr Limpet comedy cartoon musical

  4.45pm  Cinderella with Dickie Henderson, Vince Hill, Jack Douglas, Lionel Blair, Susan George

  5.50pm  News

  6.00pm  All Star Comedy Carnival

  8.30pm  On the Buses Christmas Duty

  9.00pm  The Val Doonican Show with guests Sandie Shaw, Ronnie Corbett,
                Flanders and Swann, Stephane Grapelli

10.00pm  News at Ten

10.20pm  Film : Hush...Hush  Sweet Charlotte  starring Bette Davis

12.40am  Church and Fashion

  ITV Yorkshire (as ITV London except)

11.30am  Film : Sands of the Desert  with Charlie Drake (until 1.00pm)

  3.20pm  Film : Tommy the Toreador  starring Tommy Steele (until 4.45pm)

10.15pm  Film : A High Wind in Jamaica starring Anthony Quinn and James Coburn

12.10am  Weather and Closedown

  Boxing Day Saturday 26th December 1970

  ITV London

  9.05am  RAC Road Report

  9.10am  The Wind in the Willows

  9.20am  A Christmas Carol (b&w) Part One
10.10am  Stewpot

10.55am  Film : Tarzan and the Amazons  starring Johnny Weissmuller

12.15am  Shari's Show

12.45pm  News

12.50pm  World of Sport (12.55 On the Ball, 1.20 They`re Off!
                1.30, 2.00, 2.30, 3.00 Racing from Wolverhampton, 1.45, 2.15, 2.45 Racing from Wetherby,
                3.10 International Sports Special: the Year of Pele, 3.55 Results, Scores, News,
                4.00 Wrestling, 4.55 Results Service) 

  5.10pm  News

  5.15pm  The Beverly Hillbillies

  5.45pm  Pippa  film of Joy Adamson's cheetah

  6.45pm  Holiday Startime Maggie Fitzgibbon with guest Peter Cook, also starring Les Dawson, Max Jaffa,
                Vincent Price, Reg Varney, Thora Hird, Arthur Lowe, Ted Ray, The Bee Gees, Kenny Ball,
                Chris Barber, Acker Bilk

  8.00pm  Petula
                with Peggy Lee, The Everly Brothers
                David Frost and guest star Dean Martin

  9.00pm  It's Tarbuck
                Jimmy Tarbuck with Peter Gordeno
                Kenny Lynch and guest stars
                Frankie Vaughan, Lulu, Jack Parnell and his Orchestra

  9.30pm  News

  9.45pm  Film : The Hound of the Baskervilles starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee

11.15pm  Aquarius

12.00      Church and Fashion

  ITV Yorkshire (as ITV London except)

  9.00am  Diane's Magic Theatre

  9.15am  Land of the Giants

10.10am  It Couldn't Be Done

10.55am  A Tale of Two Puppies

11.45am  Shari's Show

12.15pm  Whicker's Christmas (until 12.45pm)

  5.15pm  Film : Rhino! starring Harry Guardino, Robert Culp, Shirley Eaton (until 6.45pm)

  9.40pm  Film : Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte starring Bette Davis, Joseph Cotten, Olivia De Havilland
                (until 11.55pm)

11.55pm  A Reading at Christmas

12.00       Weather and Closedown

  Sunday 27th December 1970

  ITV London

11.00am  The Morning Service from Stowmarket Congregational Church, Suffolk

12.10pm  Closedown

 1.00pm   A Christmas Carol Part Two
               ''Good spirit, intercede for me,'' begged Scrooge, ''for I will honour Christmas in my heart,
                I will live in the past, the present and the future. Oh tell me it is not too late.''
                But as Scrooge said these words, he saw an alteration in the phantom's hood and dress.
                It shrank, collapsed and dwindled down into a bedpost.

  1.25pm  Granny Gets the Point

  1.45pm  All Our Yesterdays

  2.15pm  University Challenge

  2.45pm  The Big Match

  3.45pm  Bonanza : Queen High

  4.45pm  The Golden Shot with Bob Monkhouse, Anita Harris, Ken Dodd, Freddie Davis, Vince Hill,
                Yutte Stensgard, Anne Aston

  5.35pm  Whicker's Christmas

  6.05pm  News

  6.15pm  Hot Seat  Lord Soper

  6.35pm  Turn of the Year

  6.55pm  Give at Seven

  7.00pm  A Hymn for Children

  7.25pm  Please Sir!  And Everyone Came Too

  7.55pm  Film : The Hunchback of Notre-Dame starring Charles Laughton

10.00pm  News

10.15pm  Sunday Night Theatre  The Policeman and the Cook with Michael Crawford

11.15pm  This is Tom Jones

12.10am  Church and Fashion

  ITV Yorkshire (as ITV London except)

 1.00pm  Hey! Cinderella starring Belinda Montgomery, Robin Ward

 1.50pm  Farming Diary

 2.20pm  Soccer

 3.15pm  Film : The Naked Truth  starring Terry-Thomas and Peter Sellers (until 4.45pm)

 5.35pm  Flipper Flipper's Treasure (until 6.05pm)

 7.55pm  The Big Film : East of Eden  starring Julie Harris, James Dean, Raymond Massey (until 10.00pm)

12.15am  A Reading at Christmas with Sir Bernard Miles

12.25am  Weather and Closedown

  Bank Holiday Monday 28th 1970


10.00am  Anita in Jumbleland with Anita Harris

10.10am  The Bugs Bunny Show

10.30am  Flipper

10.55am  Laurel and Hardy cartoon

11.05am  Robin Hood (b&w)

11.30am  Royal Family

  1.20pm  Racing from Wolverhampton

  3.10pm  Film : Gay Purr-ee (1962)

  4.10pm  Charlie Brown's Christmas

  4.35pm  Crossroads

  5.00pm  Film : Worm's Eye View (1951)  with Ronald Shiner & Garry Marsh

  5.45pm  News, Sport

  6.00pm  Film : Worm's Eye View (1951) (continued)

  6.45pm  David Nixon's Magic Box with David Nixon, Anita Harris, The New World, Margo Henderson,
                Chung Chin Foo, Howard Peters

  7.30pm  Coronation Street

  8.00pm  Mr Digby Darling with Sheila Hancock, Peter Jones, Michael Bates

  8.30pm  Film : Lord Jim (1965) starring Peter O'Toole

10.00pm  News at Ten

10.30pm  Film : Lord Jim (1965) (continued)

11.50pm  Outlook '71

  Yorkshire (as Thames except)

10.15am  Phoenix Five  Two Into One Won't Go

10.45am  Film : Blackbeard the Pirate (1952) with Robert Newton, Linda Darnell, Keith Andes,
                Torin Thatcher, William Bendix

12.25pm  The Rovers  The Expert

12.50pm  Timeslip  Episode 14
                The Year of the Burn-Up

  3.10pm  The Fastest Man on Earth (until 4.10pm)

  4.40pm  Cartoon Christmas
                Two cartoons for the festive season - the stories of Aladdin and Pinocchio

  4.55pm  Film : Courage of Lassie (1946) with Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Morgan, Tom Drake

  5.45pm  News and Sports Results

  6.00pm  Film : Courage of Lassie (1946) (continued) (until 6.45pm)

12.00       A Reading at Christmas

12.10am  Weather and Closedown