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ITV - 1963 - TV Times - Christmas cover and Listings

Christmas Eve Tuesday 24th December 1963

  Associated Rediffusion

  4.00pm  Small Time

  4.15pm  Guildford Cathedral Youth Club Carol Service

  4.45pm  Here and Now

  5.00pm  Five O'clock Club

  5.25pm  December's Child a play for Christmas Eve

  5.55pm  News

  6.08pm  People in London

  6.15pm  The First in the Game

  7.00pm  University Challenge

  7.30pm  Emergency-Ward 10

  8.00pm  The Plane Makers

  8.55pm  News

  9.10pm  Beat City

  9.55pm  Four Women in Black

11.10pm  They've Sold a Million

11.25pm  This Wonderful World

11.55pm  Sung Christmas Eucharist from the Parish Church of St Edburgha, Yardley, Birmingham
                followed by
                Weather Forecast

  Granada (as Associated Rediffusion except)

  2.30pm  Film :The Miracle of the Bells

  3.55pm  Film : Old Mother Riley's New Venture (until 5.00)

  6.05pm  Phil Silvers Show

  6.30pm  Scene at 6.30 (until 7.00)

  9.55pm  Film : The Fountainhead

11.00pm  Northern News

11.10pm  Film : The Fountainhead (continued, until 11.55)

  ATV Midlands (as Associated Rediffusion except)

12.45pm  Thought for the Day

12.47pm  Lunch Box

  1.22pm  Closedown (until 5.00pm)

  6.05pm  Midlands News

  7.00pm  The Beverley Hillbillies

  9.55pm  Film : Destination Tokyo starring Cary Grant, John Garfield (until 11.55pm)

  Christmas Day Wednesday 25th December 1963

   Associated Rediffusion

10.35am  The Christmas Tree

11.05am  Christmas Morning Service from Kingston Congregational Church

12.10am  The Nativity

12.30am  The Flintstones

12.55pm  Take Four

  1.00pm  News

  1.05pm  Christmas Box

  2.00pm  Christmas Swing-time

  3.00pm  The Queen

  3.05pm  Film : The Glass Mountain

  4.42pm  Mahalia Jackson

  4.50pm  Zoo Time

  5.15pm  The Terrible Ten

  5.45pm  Don't Say a Word

  6.10pm  News

  6.20pm  Archbishop of Canterbury

  6.30pm  My Favourite Martian

  7.00pm  Take a Letter

  7.30pm  Coronation Street

  8.00pm  Christmas Startime

  8.55pm  News

  9.10pm  Mr Pickwick

10.40pm  News; Weather

10.43pm The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

11.37pm Take Four

11.42pm Epilogue

  Granada (as Associated Rediffusion except)

12.10pm  Robin Hood

12.35pm  Just Dennis (until 1.00)

  3.05pm  Film : Storm Over the Nile (until 4.50)

  5.15pm  Richard the Lionheart (until 5.40)

  6.30pm  Scene at 6.30 (until 7.00)

10.43pm  Film : The Interrupted Journey

12.00        Closedown

  ATV Midlands (as Associated Rediffusion except)

12.30pm  We Wish Them a Merry Christmas

  3.05pm  Film : The Charge of the Light Brigade starring Errol Flynn, Olivia De Havilland

  5.15pm  William Tell

  6.30pm  Carols, Coffee and Crackers

10.40pm  University Challenge

11.10pm  From all of us

11.48pm  Weather Forecast
                The Epilogue

  Boxing Day Thursday 26th December 1963

  Associated Rediffusion

12.30pm  Small Time

12.45pm  News

12.47pm  Racing from Wincanton

  2.50pm  International Ice Time

  3.25pm  Professional Wrestling

  4.00pm  The Land of Oz starring Shirley Temple

  4.55pm  Criss Cross Quiz

  5.20pm  Space Patrol

  5.50pm  News and Sport Report

  6.08pm  Gunsmoke

  7.00pm  Double Your Money

  7.30pm  The Dickie Henderson Show

  8.00pm  Big G

  8.55pm  News

  9.10pm  This Week

  9.40pm  Stars and Garters

10.10pm  Pandora and the Flying Dutchman

12.00       Epilogue

  Granada (as Associated Rediffusion except)

12.00        Huckleberry Hound

12.15pm  Film : Just William's Luck

  1.40pm  Film : Tom Brown's Schooldays (until 3.22)

  5.20pm  Hawkeye (until 5.50)

  6.05pm  Beverly Hillbillies

  6.30pm  Scene at 6.30 (until 7.00)

  8.00pm  The Saint

10.10pm  What the Papers Say

  ATV Midlands (as Associated Rediffusion except)

12.13pm  Thought for the Day

12.15pm  Racing from Wincanton

12.40pm  Lunch Box

  1.25pm  Racing from Wincanton

  5.20pm  Fury

  6.05pm  Midlands News

  6.15pm  Midland Montage

  6.40pm  For Teenagers Only

  8.00pm  The Saint

10.10pm  Burke's Law

11.05pm  The Alfred Hitchcock Hour

11.58pm  The Weather Forecast
                   followed by
                   The Epilogue