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Christmas Past - 1959 ITV - TV Times Cover - What was on. - TV Listings

Christmas Eve Thursday 24th December 1959

  Associated Rediffusion

  4.45pm  Small Time

  5.00pm  Canadian Friends

  5.25pm  The Cisco Kid

  5.55pm  News

  6.15pm  Close Up on Herbert Lom

  6.45pm  Children's Carol Service from Winchester Cathedral

  7.00pm  Rawhide

  8.00pm  Dotto

  8.25pm  This Week

  8.55pm  The Deputy

  9.25pm  News

  9.35pm  Merry with Medwin

10.30pm  Dial for Music

11.00pm  News Headlines

11.02pm  Dick and the Duchess

11.25pm  Crooked Path

11.50pm  The First Communion of Christmas- Midnight Mass, from the Parish Church of St Paul,
                Knightsbridge, London

 Granada (as Associated Rediffusion except)

  4.20pm  News A bulletin in Welsh

  4.25pm  Hynt a Helynt 1959 (until 5.00pm)

  5.25pm  Ivanhoe (until 5.55pm)

  6.05pm  Northern Newscast (until 6.15pm)

  6.45pm  Christmas Piano Pops (until 7.00pm)

  8.55pm  Highway Patrol (until 9.25pm)

11.02pm  Glencannon

11.25pm  Sword of Freedom (until 11.50pm)

  1.05am  Goodnight

ATV Midlands (as Associated Rediffusion except)

12.45pm  Thought for the Day

12.47pm  Lunch Box

  1.22pm  Closedown (until 5.00pm)

  5.25pm  Lassie

  6.05pm  Midlands News

  6.15pm  William Tell
  6.45pm  A Card for Christmas

  8.55pm  The Four Just Men

10.30pm  Midland Montage

11.02pm  Interplay presents The Eye-Opener Man

  1.05am  Closedown

  Christmas Day Friday 25th December 1959

  Associated Rediffusion

10.45am  The Nativity

11.10am  Christmas Morning Service from the Methodist Central Hall, Westminster

12.00       This Wonderful World Christmas Special

12.30pm  Jack Hylton presents The Dickie Henderson Half-Hour

12.55pm  News

  1.00pm  Christmas Box

  2.00pm  Cyril Stapleton and his Orchestra

  3.00pm  Her Majesty The Queen

  3.05pm  Film : A Girl in Every Port  starring Groucho Marx

  4.15pm  Happy Christmas

  4.45pm  Richard Todd presents extracts from British films of the last ten years and some new releases

  5.30pm  Educating Archie

  6.00pm  Once Upon a Christmas, starring Mavis Traill

  6.30pm  News and Sports Results

  6.45pm  The Christmas Hour with Hughie Green

  7.45pm  Emergency-Ward 10

  8.15pm  The Army Game

  8.45pm  Take Your Pick

  9.15pm  Film : The Macomber Affair

10.45pm  News

10.50pm  The Turn of the Screw (Act I), followed by the Weather Forecast

11.45pm  The Epilogue

  Granada (as Associated Rediffusion except)

10.40am  The Nativity (until 11.10am)

12.30pm   People and Places Part 1 (until 12.55pm)

  1.00pm   People and Places Part 2 (until 2.00pm)

  3.05pm   Film : Night and Day starring Cary Grant and Alexis Smith

  5.00pm   Richard Todd presents extracts from British films of the last ten years and some new releases

  5.30pm   Happy Christmas

  6.00pm   Huckleberry Hound (until 6.30pm)

  6.40pm   Piano Pops (until 6.45pm)

  9.15pm   Wyatt Earp starring Hugh O'Brien

  9.45pm   Film : Charge of the Light Brigade  starring Errol Flynn

10.45pm   News

10.50pm   Film : Charge of the Light Brigade continued

11.50pm   Goodnight

ATV Midlands (as Associated Rediffusion except)

10.25am  Thought for the Day

10.30am  Christmas Stocking

  3.05pm  Film : Night and Day starring Cary Grant and Alexis Smith

  5.00pm  The Highwayman

  6.00pm  Fury

  9.15pm  Film : The Wagons Roll at Night starring Humphrey Bogart

  Boxing Day Saturday 26th December 1959

  1.10pm  News

  1.15pm  Let's Go:
                Ballroom Dancing, Horse Racing, Ice Show, Wrestling, with Sports Results

  5.00pm  Patrick O'Hagan (sings)

  5.15pm  Robin Hood

  5.45pm  News

  6.00pm  Cannonball

  6.30pm  Boy Meets Girls

  7.00pm  Wyatt Earp

  7.29pm  Saturday Spectacular presents Tommy Steele in This Particular Show

  8.25pm  The Saturday Serial The Voodoo Factor, episode 3

  8.55pm  News

  9.00pm  Four Just Men

  9.30pm  Movietime: Counterblast, with Robert Beatty

11.15pm  Invisible Man, followed by
                Weather Forecast and the

ABC Midlands and Northern (as ATV except)

  5.00pm  Torchy Gerry Anderson puppet series

  5.15pm  Where Shall We Go? (until 5.45pm)

  7.00pm  International Detective (until 7.30pm)

  9.00pm  Maverick (until 9.55pm)

  9.55pm  77 Sunset Strip

10.50pm  M Squad

11.20pm  The Epilogue

  Sunday 27th December 1959


11.15am  Church : Processional Carol Service from Peterborough Cathedral

12.15pm  Pinpoint on Malta

12.25pm  Interplay

  1.15pm  Motor Cycle Scramble

  2.20pm  The Book Man

  2.45pm  Music Shop

  3.25pm  Film Festival: The Ghost Goes West

  4.55pm  Carroll Levis Junior Discoveries

  5.20pm  William Tell

  5.50pm  It Can Happen Tomorrow

  6.05pm  News

  6.15pm  Sunday Break

  7.00pm  About Religion

  7.25pm  News

  7.30pm  Interpol Calling

  8.00pm  Val Parnell's Sunday Night at the London Palladium

  9.00pm  News

  9.05pm  ABC Armchair Theatre : The Last Tycoon

10.35pm  Highway Patrol

11.00pm  Sunday Serenade

11.30pm  Play Gems: A Likely Story, followed by

  ABC Midlands and Northern (as ATV except)

12.15pm  Christmas on the Other Man's Farm

  1.20pm  Motor-Cycle Scramble, from Bentley Springs Circuit

  2.00pm  The Book Man

  2.45pm  Frederic Marsh introduces A Dickens Christmas The Runaways and A Christmas Carol

  3.45pm  Disneyland The Story of the Silly Symphony

  4.30pm  For Love or Money

  5.00pm  What's Cooking

  5.15pm  Tomahawk

  5.45pm  (North only) Winter Fashions (Midlands) Torchy (until 6.05pm)

  7.30pm  The Flying Doctor (until 8.00pm)

10.35pm  Lawman (until 11.00pm)

11.30pm  Errol Flynn Theatre

12.00       The Epilogue

  Bank Holiday Monday 28th December 1959

  Associated Rediffusion

  3.55pm  Commonwealth Journey

  4.45pm  Small Time

  5.00pm  Seeing Sport Table Tennis

  5.25pm  Popeye

  5.55pm  News

  6.10pm  Who Goes Next ?

  6.30pm  Cool for Cats

  7.00pm  Douglas Fairbanks presents 'Fool Notions'

  7.30pm  Double Your Money

  8.00pm  Putting on the Donegan

  8.30pm  Wagon Train

  9.25pm  News

  9.35pm  Probation Officer

10.30pm  Five Revolutionary Painters- van Gogh, with Sir Kenneth Clark

11.00pm  News Headlines

11.02pm  Turn of the Screw (Act II), by Benjamin Britten; followed by the
                Weather Forecast

12.00       Epilogue

  Granada (as Associated Rediffusion except)

  3.30pm  Commonwealth Journey

  4.20pm  News A bulletin in Welsh

  4.25pm  Dewch I Mewn (until 5.00pm)

  6.05pm  Northern News (until 6.10pm)

  6.30pm  Holidays Ahead

  6.35pm  I Love Lucy

  7.00pm  Sea Hunt (until 7.30pm)

11.02pm  Monday's Feature Film : Smart Alec (1951) starring Peter Reynolds, Leslie Dwyer

12.00       Goodnight