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Christmas Past - Radio Times Cover 1957 - What was on ?

  Christmas Eve Tuesday December 24th 1957


  4.25pm  Watch with Mother
                Andy Pandy

  4.40pm  Children's Television presents The Sledge
                How do you build a sledge when you haven't any money and there's no wood? Two small boys in a                         Hungarian village solve the problem in a novel way-and with unexpected results

  5.00pm  Belle Vue Circus
                visit to the 29th International Circus in King's Hall, Belle Vue , Manchester

  5.30pm  Tufty
                The Adventures of a Friendly Duckling, story told by Johnny Morris

  6.00pm  News, Sports News, Weather

  6.15pm  Behold the King
                a play about the Nativity by John Keir Cross

  7.00pm  News Summary

  7.05pm  The O. Henry Playhouse
                Christmas by Injunction
                Thomas Mitchell plays the part of the famous American author in the film series based
                on his short stories

  7.30pm  Vienna Boys' Choir
                direct from Austria, in the chapel of the great palace of Schbnbrunn this famous choir presents a                             programme of traditional Christmas carols

  7.50pm  Film : It's a Wonderful Life (1946) 
                starring James Stewart

10.00pm  News and Behind the Headlines

10.20pm  The Night Before Christmas
                programme of songs, music, comedy, and verse reflecting the festive season
                introduced by Terry-Thomas

11.20pm  News Headlines

11.22pm  The Whole World Over
                film based on three stories of love, compassion, and generosity, showing that the heart is the same the                   whole world over-whether in Amsterdam, Montreal, or Mexico City

11.50pm  Midnight Mass of the Nativity
                from the Oratory, Edgbaston, Birmingham

  1.00am  Weather

  Christmas Day Wednesday 25th December 1957


10.30am  He Came Down to Earth from Heaven
                An Act of Worship for Christmas Day from the recently re-consecrated
                Church of St. Andrew in the City of Plymouth

11.30am  Closedown

  2.30pm  Royal Prologue
                Crown and Commonwealth
                Twenty-five years of Christmas broadcasts

  3.00pm  Her Majesty The Queen

  3.15pm  Billy Smart's Family Party
                A King of Circus holds Court at Christmas and his entire family invite children of all ages to join them and                 hundreds of young guests in a real live family show

  4.00pm  Children's Television presents The Sleeping Beauty
                In this film Johnny Morris re-tells the story of the beautiful young princess who fell into a deep sleep for a                 hundred years, to be woken by the kiss of a handsome prince

  4.20pm  Film : Mrs Mike (1949)
                starring Dick Powell

  6.00pm  News Headlines, Weather

  6.05pm  Today's Sport
                Today's football results and other sporting highlights introduced by Kenneth Wolstenholme

  6.15pm  Opera from Munich
                Mozart's "Don Juan" sung in German, Act I

  6.55pm  Christmas Appeal
                Appeal on behalf of the British Wireless for the Blind Fund by Viscount Hailsham, Q.C.

  7.00pm  News

  7.05pm  Gene Kelly
                songs and dances from his films

  7.30pm  Pantomania presents The Babes in the Wood 
                with Eamonn Andrews, Derek Bond,
                Kenneth Connor, Sam Costa, Peter Dimmock, Charlie Drake, Tony Hancock, Benny Hill,
                Sid James, Cliff Michelmore, Jean Metcalfe, Derek Hart, Bill Maynard, Jack Payne,
                Sylvia Peters, Ted Ray, Huw Wheldon and Peter Haigh

  8.30pm  When We Are Married 
                by J B Priestley

10.00pm  Music for You
                introduced and conducted by Eric Robinson
                The programme includes: "The Land of Snow" from Tchaikovsky's ' Casse Noisette

11.00pm  News and Weather

11.10pm  The Epilogue
                Unto Us a Boy is Born
                The Matron of Queen Charlotte's Maternity Hospital tells of the tremendous reality which Christmas has                   for her and her staff

11.20pm  Closedown

  Boxing Day Thursday 26th December 1957


  1.00pm Racing at Kempton Park
               (1.15 Mistletoe Novices Steeplechase, 1.45 Heathorn Handicap Hurdle,
                2.15 King George VI Steeplechase, 2.45 Egham Novices Hurdle)

  2.55pm  For Younger Children
                "George and the Two Tiny Oxen"
                 A Hungarian cartoon film about the struggle between a giant and a poor country boy. Two tiny oxen                        come to the boy's help and together they rout the wicked ogre

  3.25pm  Film : Four Faces West (1948) 
                starring Joel McCrea

  4.45pm  The Vienna Ice-Revue 1958
                The Adventures of a Dancer
                Starring champion skaters of Europe and the world
                You are invited to join the audience in the Messepalast, Vienna, to see the last part of the matinee                           performance of this spectacular Christmas show

  5.30pm  News Summary

  5.35pm  Today's Sport
                Today's football and racing results and other sporting highlights
                introduced by Kenneth Wolstenholme

  5.45pm  Aladdin
                The Arabian Nights' Tate made into a play for television and produced by Rex Tucker

  6.57pm  Weather

  7.00pm  News

  7.05pm  Film : Body and Soul (1947)
                starring John Garfield and Lilli Palmer

  8.45pm  Billy Cotton and Vera Lynn as host and hostess at a Boxing Day Party
                with their guest star, George Formby. Also including Eric Robinson, Alan Breeze
                Kathie Kay, Rodolpho, The Leslie Roberts Silhouettes

  9.45pm  Rupert of Hentzau
                starring Robert Shaw, Sarah Lawson, John Westbrook

11.15pm  The Good Old Days
                Christmas Edition of Old-Time Music-Hall presenting
                The Musketeers
                Allen Brothers and June
                Billy McComb
                The Dancing McKennas
                Bill Waddington
                Darlys Dogs
                Laurie Lupino Lane and George Truzzi
                Chairman, Leonard Sachs

12.00       News Summary