Sunday 14 December 2014

Radio Times 1970 Christmas Cover

 Christmas Eve Thursday 24th December 1970 


10.00am  Shetland Pony (b&w)
                The life story of one of the toughest little 
                horses in the world-filmed over several years                 in its native islands in the far north of                           Scotland. 
                As ponies for children, circus performers and                 once as pit-ponies the breed is now valued                   throughout the world.                 Narrated by Tom Fleming

10.30am  4472- Flying Scotsman (repeat)
                Another chance to see this unique film of                     the Flying Scotsman's dramatic non-stop                     run from London to Edinburgh. It was 40                     years from the day of its first non-stop run                   that this famous old engine, now privately                   owned by Alan Pegler , took some 300                         railway enthusiasts on a never-to-be-                           repeated journey. 

11.10am  Tom and Jerry  Mice Follies

11.15am  On Top of the World
                international ice champions entertain at the
                Queens Ice Club London
12.00       Movin'  Along with Andy Williams
                and his star guests 
                Burt Bacharach , Diahann Carroll Roy Clark ,                 Jose Feliciano, Lome Greene , Liza Minnelll                   and Bill Medley 
12.50pm  A Spoonful of Sugar
                from The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt                         Orthopaedic Hospital in Oswestry with                           Michael Aspel and Sheila Tracy  
  1.30pm  Watch with Mother : The Herbs

  1.45pm  News, Weatherman Bert Foord

  1.50pm  Hansel and Gretel 
                A puppet version of the famous fairytale 

  3.00pm  Play School

  3.15pm  Jackanory with John Bird, 
                Paddington's Christmas                    
from More About Paddington           
  3.30pm  Film : Misty (1961)
                with David Ladd and Arthur O' Connell

  4.55pm  Blue Peter
                with Valerie Singleton 
                John Noakes , Peter Purves 

  5.20pm  Scooby-Doo, Where Are You ?

  5.44pm  The Magic Roundabout  Pancakes
                When Dougal starts cooking there
are plenty of offers of help from his friends

  5.50pm  National News and Weather

  6.00pm  Regional News

  6.15pm  Tomorrow's World
                Raymond Baxter introduces a special edition                 in which you can see how the ideas,                             inventions, and discoveries of today may                       brighten your Christmas tomorrow ... and                     the New Year

  6.45pm  Joy to the World
                A musical film based on the popular carols of                 Christmas with each piece of music                               illustrating a different aspect of the season:                   from the freezing of the Thames in 1684 to                 the commercialisation of Christmas in 1970

  7.30pm  The Cliff Richard Show
                A Christmas Eve Special starring 
                Cliff Richard, Una Stubbs,                Hank Marvin and Olivia Newton-John

  8.20pm  The Gang Show Gala  with Peter Sellers, 
                Dick Emery, Graham Stark, 
                Cardew Robinson, Reg Dixon and 
                David Lodge

  9.00pm  The Nine O'Clock News
                with Kenneth Kendall, Weather

  9.20pm Play of the Month: Five Finger Exercise
               with Margaret Lockwood, Paul Rogers

10.50pm  Just Pet
                starring Petula Clark accompanied by                           Johnny Harris and the Orchestra 

11.40pm  A Story for Christmas John Slater reads 
                The Gift of the Magi

11.50pm  First Communion of Christmas
                from Worcester Cathedral

  1.05am  Closedown

  Christmas Day Friday 25th December 1970          

  9.00pm  Christmas Carols with the                 Wandsworth School choir

  9.30pm  Basil's Christmas Morning
                with Basil Brush and Derek Fowlds

10.00pm  Christmas Crackers
                a cartoon parade with Michael Aspel

10.25pm  News Summary and Weather

10.30pm  A Family Service 
                from Netherlee Parish Church, Glasgow

11.40pm  A Christmas Appeal by Alvar Lidell                 on behalf of the Wireless for the Blind Fund

11.45pm  Rolf Harris: Meet the Kids
                in hospital this Christmas

12.35pm  The Story of the Silver Skates a musical
                starring Eleanor Parker, Richard Baseheart

  2.15pm  Top of the Pops 70
                introduced by Jimmy Savile and 
                Tony Blackburn 

  3.00pm  The Queen
                speaks to the Commonwealth and                               introduces a special Christmas Day film 

  3.25pm  Billy Smart's Circus Spectacular

  4.30pm  Disney Time with Harry Worth
                Special features include:
                Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,                             Pinocchio, That Darn Cat, Smoke,
                Jungle Book, The Aristocats,

                Charlie the Lonesome Cougar 

  5.10pm  Robinson Crusoe   
                BBC Television's                 Christmas pantomime
  6.40pm  The Main News with Kenneth Kendall

  6.45pm  Christmas Night with the Stars introduced  
                by Cilla Black, featuring Bob Hope,
                Mary Hopkin, Graham Kerr, Jerry Lewis,  
                Nana Mouskouri, Clodagh Rodgers,
                Frank Sinatra, Jack Warner, Dad's Army, 
                Stanley Baxter, Dick Emery,
                Bachelor Father,Terry Scott and
                June Whitfield

  8.15pm  The Morecambe and Wise
                Christmas Show
                A laughter-packed holiday special with a                       star-studded array of guests. Peter Cushing ,                 William Franklyn Nina, Eric Porter                 Edward Woodward, Kenny Ball & 
                his Jazzmen
  9.15pm  Film : Charade (1963)
                starring Cary Grant and 
                Audrey Hepburn

11.00pm  The Good Old Days starring Danny La Rue

11.50pm  But Seriously...
                Joyce Grenfell, Cyril Fletcher, 
                Ernie Wise
                At the end of another Christmas Day three                   entertainers explain what the story of the                     Nativity means to them. 

12.00       Closedown

  Boxing Day Saturday 26th December 1970  


  9.45am  Ken Dodd
                and The Diddymen in 
                His Doddyness the Mayor 

  9.55am  News, Weatherman Jack Scott

10.00am  Banana Splits

10.40am  Film : The Son of Robin Hood (1958)
                starring Al Hedison and June Laverick

12.00       Boxing Day Grandstand featuring
                Racing from Kempton Park
                (12.05 Football Preview,
                12.15 Rugby League:Leeds v Castleford,
                12.55, 1.20, 1.50 Racing from Kempton  

                Park, 1.40, 2.10 Motor Racing from 

  2.25pm  It's a Knock-Out!
                for the BBC Boxing Day Challenge Trophy                     Great Britain v Holland from Leiden, Holland 

  3.15pm  Cartoon Capers
                Donald Duck and Tom and Jerry

  3.30pm  Top of the Pops '70
                A special Boxing Day edition featuring 
                hits of 1970
                introduced by Jimmy Savile and 
                Tony Blackburn 
  4.15pm  The Virginian
                With Help from Ulysses

  5.30pm  The News and Sports Results; Weather

  5.45pm  The Black and White Minstrel Show
                Christmas Special 
                A new Television Spectacular starring
                The Mitchell Minstrels
                Guest stars Leslie Crowther
                Jimmy Jewell , George Chisholm

  6.30pm  Dixon of Dock Green
                The Lags' Brigade
                starring Jack Warner 

  7.15pm  The Rolf Harris Show
                starring Rolf Harris in a programme recorded                 in Germany and including a visit to the                         ancient city of Rothenburg with The Young                   Generation 

  8.05pm  Film : North West Frontier (1959)
                starring Kenneth Moore, Lauren Bacall

10.10pm  News with Richard Baker, Weather

10.20pm  Sinatra Sings
                at the Royal Festival Hall Introduced by                         HRH The Princess Grace of Monaco

11.10pm  Match of the Day
                Two First Division matches; the December '                   Goal of the Month' parade; top news and                       views from the holiday fixture list. 

12.00       Weatherman, Closedown

  Sunday 27th December 1970


  9.00am  Nai Zindagi- Naya Jeevan (b&w)
               A magazine for viewers from Pakistan and                    India including discussions, review of recent                  news, music and, stories from the                                communities

  9.30am  Closedown

10.30am  Sung Mass from from the Roman Catholic                 Church of St Augustine, Manchester

11.30am Closedown

12.45pm  Weather

12.50pm  Film : Blockheads (1938) 
                starring Laurel and Hardy

  1.45pm  The Great Unknown
                Grand Canyon by  
                kayak and raft, John Wesley Powell

  2.35pm  Golden Silents
                The King of Comedy 
                The first of two special programmes on 
                Mack Sennett                 introduced by Michael  Bentine

  3.00pm  Wide World of Entertainment
                A kaleidoscope of international performances                 introduced by Michael Aspel

  3.50pm  Film : The Jolson Story (1946)
                starring Larry Parks

  5.55pm  Ken Dodd
                and The Diddymen in 
                "Harry Cott , Superman"

  6.05pm  News, Weatherman Jack Scott

  6.15pm  Malcolm Muggeridge
                asks The Question Why                 A topical programme which questions the                     issues behind the news

  6.50pm  Songs of Praise
                for Christmastide from the Ulster Hall,                           Belfast Introduced by Edgar Boucher 

  7.25pm  Dr Finlay's Casebook  
                A Question of Values

  8.15pm  Film : Shenandoah (1965) 
                starring James Stewart

  9.55pm  News with Richard Baker, Weather

10.10pm  Omnibus presents I Regret Nothing
                a musical biography of Edith Piaf

11.25pm  Weatherman (b&w), Closedown

  Bank Holiday Monday 28th December 1970 


  9.50am  The Spanish Riding School of Vienna
                The world-famous white stallions in a                           spectacular and varied programme showing                   the beauty of supreme horsemanship

10.30am  The Longest Drive in the World
                introduced by Maxwell Boyd                 The Daily Mirror World Cup Rally from                           London to Mexico was the longest, roughest,                 richest event of its kind in the history of                       motor sport. Ninety-six cars set out from                     Wembley Stadium. Six weeks and 16,000                     miles later, 23 dented, dirt-covered                               survivors reached the Aztec Stadium in                         Mexico City with a British Ford Escort driven                 by Hannu Mikkola and Gunnar Palm outright                 winners of the £10,000 first prize.

11.20am  The Silent World of Jacques Cousteau
                The Silent World is the most spectacular                       underwater film ever made. The combined                   talents of Jacques-Yves Cousteau and his                     divers, cameraman Edmond Sechan and                       Louis Malle produced this remarkable and                     subtly poetic picture of life on the ocean bed

12.40pm  Golden Silents
                The King of Comedy                 The second of two special programmes on                     Mack Sennett

  1.05pm  Grandstand
                (1.30 & 2.00Racing from Kempton                                Park, 2.30 racing from Fairyhouse)

  2.55pm  The Quiet Stars
                A non-stop feast of free skating featuring                     International Ice Skating Stars of today and                 tomorrow. 

  3.45pm  Jackanory
                with Alan Bennett                 Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A.Milne

  4.00pm  The Magic Roundabout

  4.05pm  Film : A Hard Day's Night (1964)
                starring the Beatles

  5.30pm  News, Weatherman Bert Foord

  5.40pm  Tom and Jerry
               Tom's Photo Finish

  5.45pm  Ask the Family
                introduced by Robert Robinson

  6.05pm  The Spinners
                with Esther Ofarim

  6.35pm  Not in Front of the Children
                No Man at the Helm

  7.05pm  The Coward Revue 
                a tribute to Noel Coward

  8.00pm  A Year to Remember ?
                Panorama reviews 1970

  9.00pm  The Nine O'Clock News Robert Dougall

  9.15pm  The Jack Benny Show 
                Jack Benny stars with Frank Sinatra , Bob                     Hope and Dinah Shore in Jack Benny 's 
                20th Anniversary Show 

10.05pm  Film : On the Waterfront (1954)
                starring Marlon Brando

11.50pm  Weatherman (b&w)

11.52pm  Regional News Headlines; Weather

  Christmas Eve Thursday 24th December 1970 

11.15am  Play School
                Today's story is 
                "The Twelve Days of Christmas"

11.35am  Closedown

  4.55pm  Christmas on 2 preview
                A look at some of the programmes over the                 Christmas holiday

  5.00pm  The Edwin Hawkins Singers
                A recording of their concert for the                               Lanchester Arts Festival from Coventry                         Cathedral earlier this year.

  5.50pm  Film : Heaven Knows, Mr Allison (1957) 
                with Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum

  7.30pm  Newsroom with Peter Woods, Weather

  8.00pm  Oisin hero of ancient Irish mythology

  8.20pm  Choir Practice musical play by
                Elwyn Jones and John Lloyd

  9.20pm  Mantovani and his Concert Orchestra

10.05pm  An Evening with Sir John Betjeman
                His choice of poetry and prose with 
                Prunella Scales given before an invited                         audience at the Collegiate Theatre, London 

10.35pm  News on 2, Weather

11.00pm  Film : Under Capricorn (1949)
                starring Ingrid Bergman 
                and Joseph Cotten





  Christmas Day Friday 25th December 1970     


10.30am  Play School
                Science Day
                Today: "The Christmas Story"

11.00am  Closedown

  1.30pm  Film : Sammy Going South (1963)
                with Edward G Robinson

  3.25pm  The Royal Ballet
                in Cinderella 
                Music by Serge Prokofiev

  5.10pm  The Great Inimitable Mr Dickens
                A biography of Charles Dickens based on                       scenes from his novels

  6.40pm  It's a Terrible Waste of an Egg
                An Edwardian After-Dinner Christmas                           Entertainment  with Dudley Foster

  7.10pm  Julian Bream
                Britain's most prominent concert guitarist                     plays Bach, Diabelli and Villa-Lobos 

  7.20pm  The Queen
                speaks to the Commonwealth and                               introduces a special Christmas Day film. 

  7.44pm  News Summary

  7.45pm  Whom God Hath Joined
                by Arnold Bennett

  9.15pm  Bird's-Eye View
                from Bishop Rock to Muckle Flugga,
                an aerial journey of some
                of Britain's 400 islands

10.05pm  Thirty-Minute Theatre:
                Waugh on Crime by Arden Winch
                part 4 : 

                In Which Inspector Waugh Observes the                       Truth of an Old Music-Hall Song 

10.35pm  News on 2

10.40pm  The Pentangle
                songs from a country church

11.00pm  Film : Kiss Me Kate (1953)
                with Kathryn Grayson and Howard Keel


 Boxing Day Saturday 26th December 1970  


  1.30pm  Cucumber Castle
                A medieval musical starring The Bee Gees                     with Eleanor Bron, Pat Coombs and Julian                     Orchard and special guest stars Blind Faith
                Frankie Howerd , 
Lulu Spike Milligan ,                           Vincent Price 

  2.25pm  Siberia to Severnside
                Wild Swans and Polar Bears

  3.15pm  Film : The Constant Husband (1955)
                starring Rex Harrison

  4.40pm  It's Nice to Remember
                with Nana Monskouri and The Athenians                       Special guest stars Margot Fonteyn 

  5.30pm  The Rubbish Olympics
                or How to Keep Pretoria Clean
  5.55pm  Take It or Leave It

  6.25pm  News on 2, Weather

  6.30pm  "Wilton's" the Handsomest Hall in Town,
                An evening at Wilton's Musio-Hall, Grace's                     Alley, Wellclose Square, London. 1860                         starring Peter Sellers , Spike Milligan, 
                Keith Michell , Pat Kirkwood
                Warren Mitchell , Ronnie Barker, Bill Fraser,                   Gina Astralita Eric Robinson.
                Introduced by Billy Russen 
                Tonight, 90 years after it closed, this famous                 Music Hall opens again to bring you a picture                 of the stars, the singers.the dancers, and                     the people who once went there.

  7.15pm  To Build a Fire the Klondike in 1898

  8.05pm  Tales of Hoffmann
                by Jaques Offenbach                Libretto based on the English version by                       Edward Agate with Geraint Evans ,                               Elizabeth Harwood and Michel Molese 

10.20pm  The Roads to Freedom
                by Jean-Paul Sartre: a second chance to                       see this dramatisation in 13 parts by David                   Turner starring Michael Bryant,
                Daniel Massey

11.05pm  News on 2, Weather

11.10pm  Film : Bad Day at Black Rock (1955)
                with Spencer Tracy, Robert Ryan,
                Anne Francis


  Sunday 27th December 1970


  7.00pm  News Review
                The best of the week's news film from all                     over the world, together with other subjects                 of interest 

  7.25pm  Rowan and Martin
                invite you to their Laugh-In 

  8.15pm  The World About Us
                The Undersea World of
                Jacques Cousteau
                Tragedy of the Red Salmon

  9.05pm  Music on 2
                Profile in Music Montserrat Caballe

10.20pm  The Roads to Freedom
                 by Jean-Paul Sartre dramatised in 13                            parts by David Turner starring 
                 Michael Bryant 13/13

10.55pm  Michael Flanders and Donald Swann   
                in At the Drop of Another Hat

11.40pm  News on 2


  Bank Holiday Monday 28th December 1970 


11.00am  Play School
                Useful Box Day 
                Today's story is "Angelo"

11.20am  Closedown

  5.30pm  Film : The Alamo (1960)
                starring John Wayne , Richard Widmark

  6.50pm  News on 2 and Weather

  7.00pm  Film : The Alamo (1960) continued

  8.25pm  Romeo and Juliet
                A ballet danced to the music of the Fantasy                   Overture by Tchaikovsky with Natalia                           Bessmertnova and Mikhail Lavrovsky and                     artists of the Bolshoi Ballet (Repeat)

  8.45pm  Call My Bluff
                A duel of words and wit between 
                Frank Muir, Katharine Whitehorn, 
                Graham Hill and Geoffrey Wheeler,
                Wendy Craig, Ian Wallace 

                Referee Robert Robinson

  9.15pm  Horizon : The Gargantuan
                Triumph of Science
                story of the Tay Bridge

10.05pm  Tom Paxton
                in Concert

10.35pm  News on 2 and Weather

10.40pm  Line-up 70 
                A look back at a year's Line-Ups with,                           among others, Norman Mailer , Barbara                       Castle , Sir Laurence Olivier, Gore Vidal ,                       John Osborne, Pink Floyd