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Radio Times Christmas Cover 1979 - What was on

 Christmas Eve Monday 24th December 1979


  9.40am  Fingerbobs

  9.55am  What-a-Mess
                A Bee?
                tales about a dog
                told by its owner, Frank Muir 

10.00am  Jackanory
                The Holly Bears a Berry by 
                Alison Uttley, read by Hannah Gordon 

10.15am  Captain Caveman 
                The Kooky Case of Cryptic Keys 

10.25am  Young Explorers
                Christmas in the Sun,
                25 youngsters from Somerset 

                travel to Ghana 

10.55am  Magic Roundabout

11.00am  Zorro
                Senior China Boy (b&w) 

11.25am  Mickey Mouse Club
                Two Donald Duck cartoons-
                No Hunting 
and Donald's Day Off 
                plus Toby Tyler (parts 1 and 2)

12.00       Greatest Heroes of The Bible
                The Deluge, with Lew Ayres 
                and Rita Game 

12.45pm  Midday News, Weather Jim Bacon

  1.00pm  Film : Treasure Island (1972)
                starring Kim Burfield and Orson Welles 
  2.30pm  Hound Hunters 
                a Tex Avery Cartoon 
    2.40pm  Wings Over The World
                Paul McCartney and Wings
                1975-6 tour of Australia and USA

  3.53pm  Regional News, Weather (except London)

  3.55pm  Play School
                with the story
                of The Little Shepherd Boy

  4.20pm  Touche Turtle
                The Flying Saucer Sorcerer 
  4.25pm  Jackanory 
                The Black Lamb at Bethlehem,
                by Rosemary Harris 

  4.40pm  A Star for My Son
                a play by Margaret Eaves, with 
                Jean Heywood 

  5.10pm  Blue Peter
                with Simon Groom, Christopher Wenner,                     Tina Heath, Christmas is Coming!

  5.40pm  Evening News with Peter Woods 

  5.50pm  Tom and Jerry (London & South East)
                (or Regional News)

  6.00pm  Rolf at Christmas
                the children of Wilton Middle School,  
                Salisbury decorate Longleat House 

  6.35pm  Round Robin
                Bernard Cribbins reveals the private life of                  the Christmas bird 

  7.00pm  It's a Christmas Knockout
                special festive competition from Cortina                         d'Ampezzo, Italy

  8.00pm  Val's Christmas Music Show
                starring Val Doonican and featuring Twiggy
                Roy Castle, Magnus Magnusson, The                             Cambridge Buskers with special guest                           appearances by Bill Owen, Peter Sallis 
                Brian Wilde and Jane Freeman from the Last                 of the Summer Wine 

  8.45pm  News with Peter Woods, Weather

  9.00pm  Film : The Go-Between (1970)
                starring Julie Christie, Alan Bates 
                and Dominic Guard 
10.55pm  Music for Christmas
                James Loughran
                conducts the BBCSO in music by  

                Stravinsky, Humperdinck and Berlioz. 
                With the choir of  Westminster Abbey 
                and the Philip Jones 
Brass Ensemble

11.45pm  Midnight Mass
                from the Church of the  
                Immaculate Conception, London W1 

  1.05am  Closedown

  Christmas Day Tuesday 25th December 1979 


  9.00am  Star Over Bethlehem
                a programme of Christmas music. Eight                       nations, brought together by that man-                       made star, the communications satellite,                     joined in a global celebration

10.00am  Morning Service
                A celebration of Christmas by the children                     and young people from Christ Church,                           Llanedeyrn, Cardiff

10.58am Weather Jack Scott

11.00am  Bagpuss

11.15am  The Spinners at Christmas
                The Spinners are joined by their audience in                 festive mood for a seasonal special of music                   and comedy, which this year is from                             Thoresby Hall, Nottinghamshire. 

11.45am  Film : Black Beauty (1971)
                starring Mark Lester , Walter Slezak

  1.30pm  John Curry
                with Katherine Foulkes and Lorna Brown 
                recorded at Queens Ice Skating Club,                           London

  2.00pm  Top of the Pops 1979
                introduced by Kid Jensen and Peter Powell

  3.00pm  The Queen
                speaks to the Commonwealth

  3.20pm  Larry Grayson's Christmas
                Generation Game
                special edition for Christmas Day - with                         surprise guests and seasonal games for the                   contestants and the family to play at home.                 starring Larry Grayson with Isla St Clair

  4.20pm  Film : The Gnome Mobile (1967)
                The Walt Disney film starring Walter                             Brennan, Matthew Garber , Karen Dotrice 

  5.45pm  BBC News Peter Woods  Weather

  5.50pm  Blankety Blank
                Terry Wogan hosts a special
                Christmas edition of the comedy quiz game,                 in which contestants attempt to match their                 "blanks" with Lennie Bennett, Lorraine                         Chase, Wendy Craig, Sandra Dickinson,
                Shirley Anne Field, Kenny Everett, Liza                         Goddard, David Hamilton, David Jason, Roy                   Kinnear, Patrick Moore and Beryl Reid

  6.30pm  All Creatures Great and Small
                A series in 14 parts
                1: Plenty to Grouse About

  7.20pm  The Mike Yarwood Christmas Show
                with special guest star from America Johnny                 Mathis with Janet Brown 

  8.00pm  To the Manor Born
                Christmas comes but once a year

  8.30pm  Film : The Sting (1973)
                starring Paul Newman, Robert Redford 

10.35pm  BBC News Peter Woods Weatherman

10.45pm  Parkinson at Christmas
                Join Michael Parkinson and his seasonal                         guests for a special show which reflects                         some of the many aspects of Christmas past                 and present

12.05am  Closedown

  Boxing Day Wednesday 26th December 1979


  9.45am  Over The Moon
                Whole and Part

10.00am  What-a-Mess
                A hat?

10.05am  Jackanory 
                The Christmas Box, 
                read by Hannah Gordon

10.20am  Captain Caveman
                cartoon series

10.30am  Why Don't You...?
                Your own ideas, games and activities                             presented for children by children

10.55am  Magic Roundabout

11.00am  Mickey Mouse Club  
                Goofy in No Smoking 
                Toby Tyler : 3

11.20am  Greatest Heroes of the Bible 
                Esher, starring Victoria Principal and 
                Noah Beery

12.08pm  Weather Jim Bacon

12.10pm  Grandstand
                with Frank Bough 
                (12.12 Football Focus, presented by 
                Bob Wilson, 12.20 Rugby League : Leeds 
                v Hunslet, 1.15,1.45,2.20 Racing from 
                Kempton Park, 1.25, 1.55 Racing from    

  2.35pm  TV Film : Champions A Love Story (1979)
                a juvenile affair between figure  

  4.10pm  Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree
                Disney animation

  4.35pm  The Road and the Miles of Max Boyce
                Songs and comedy filmed on location during                 Max's recent country-wide tour

  5.05pm Today's Sport

  5.10pm  Disney Time
                with Rod Hull and Emu

  5.50pm  News with Richard Baker Weatherman

  6.00pm  Jim'll Fix It

  6.40pm  Are You Being Served ?
                The Punch and Judy Show

  7.10pm  Film : Where Eagles Dare (1968)
                starring Richard Burton                 and Clint Eastwood

  9.40pm  Dave Allen at Large
                Christmas special

10.25pm  News with Richard Baker  Weatherman

10.35pm  Boxing Night at the Mill  
                Bob Langley with Les Dawson,                 Dana and Kenny Ball

11.25pm  Film : Play It Again, Sam (1972)
                starring Woody Allen                 and Diane Keaton

12.55am  Closedown

 Christmas Eve Monday 24th December 1979


11.00am  Play School
                with Sarah Long, 
                Stuart McGugan 
and Elizabeth Millbank 

11.25am  Closedown

  2.10pm  Watch 
                The Nativity
                told with puppets and music 
  2.40pm  Christmas Matinee : Mary, Queen of Scots                     (1971)
                starring Vanessa Redgrave and 
                Glenda Jackson

  4.45pm  The Great Toy Robbery

  4.55pm  The Sounds Of Christmas
                with The Goldsmiths Choral Union                                 conducted by Brian Wright                 Recorded highlights of a concert from the                     Royal Albert Hall , London, attended by the                   Prime Minister, The Rt Hon Mrs Margaret                       Thatcher

  5.40pm  The Beatles at Christmas: Yellow Submarine                 (1968)
                 full-length animated feature continuing our                  festive season of films celebrating the most                  famous pop group of them all starring                  The Beatles

  7.00pm  The Mid-Evening News
                including a news summary with sub-titles                     for the hard-of-hearing

  7.05pm  Follow The Star
                musical nativity play by  
                Wally K Daly (music by Jim Parker), with  
                Sue Jones-Davies as Mary and Lewis  
                Flander as Herod

  8.25pm  Itzhak Perlman Plays Bach
                filmed record of the celebrated Israeli                           violinist Itzhak Perlman in a memorable                       performance of Bach's D Minor Partita at a                   BBC Radio lunchtime concert in St John 's                     Smith Square, London

  9.00pm  Star Over Bethlehem
                a satellite transmission linking 8 countries,  
                with Britain being represented by Trinity  
                Chapel, Canterbury Cathedral. 
                Tom Fleming and Claire Bloom speak  
                Christopher Fry's narration

10.00pm  Late News,  Weather

10.05pm  Alan Price
                special In Concert performance from The                       Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester,                           starring Alan Price, his singers and                               musicians, and featuring such hits as                           "Don't Stop the Carnival", "Lucky Man "
                 and "The Jarrow Song"

10.55pm  Kelly at Christmas : Singin' In The Rain                         (1952)
                starring Gene Kelly 

12.40am  Closedown


  Christmas Day Tuesday 25th December 1979 


11.00am  Play School
                Story : The Little Drummer Boy

11.25am  Closedown

  3.00pm  The Beatles at Christmas : A Hard Day's                       Night (1964)
                with Wilfrid Brambell Norman Rossington                     Victor Spinetti 

  4.25pm  Christmas Day Concert From Amsterdam
                the Symphonie 
                Fantastique by Berlioz

  5.30pm  A Christmas Carol
                with Michael Hordern

  6.30pm  Baboushka
                A Musical Fable for Christmas by
                Donald Swann and Arthur Scholey

  7.20pm  News on 2, Weather

  7.30pm  The Front Garden
                celebration of the English at their favourite                   pastime

  8.30pm  The Queen
                speaks to the Commonwealth

  8.50pm  Sutherland and Pavarotti in Recital
                from the Avery Fisher Hall. Lincoln Center,                   New York

10.05pm  Face the Music
                Sir Robert Mayer guests,                 with David Attenborough, Robin Ray 
                and Joyce Grenfell  (in her last television  

10.45pm  Film : Cabaret (1972)
                starring Liza Minelli and Michael York

12.50am  Closedown


Boxing Day Wednesday 26th December 1979


10.20am  Gharbar
                special variety programme of Asian music                     and dance

10.45am  Closedown

11.00am  Play School
                Story: The Winter Bear

11.25am  Closedown

12.10pm  Christmas Matine : Henry VIII and his Six                     Wives (1972)
                starring Keith Michell, with Charlotte  
                Rampling,Jane Asher, Barabara Leigh-Hunt
                and Donald Pleasance

  2.10pm  Griffiths the Cue
                introduced by David Vine 
                The most remarkable sports story of the                       year. Terry Griffiths relives his 13 days at                     the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, that took                       him from the obscurity of the Llanelli                           League to Professional Snooker Champion of                 the World
  3.40pm  International Gymnastics
                the World Championships from
                Fort Worth

  4.35pm  The Dick Cavett Magic Show
                One of America's top TV personalities, Dick                   Cavett is also an enthusiastic amateur                         magician. Tonight he introduces some of the                 world's greatest illusionists

  5.50pm  The Beatles at Christmas : Let It Be (1970)
                with The Beatles

  7.10pm  Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet : Double Bill
                featuring two of the company's most                           popular ballets : Les Patineurs : an                               evocation of the Victorian skating party
                and Pineapple Poll: based on W S Gilbert's                     Bumboat Woman's Story

  8.25pm  News, Weather

  8.40pm  Our Day Out
                by Willy Russell, 
                starring Jean Heywood and Alun Armstrong

  9.50pm  Sing Christmas
                with The King's Singers                 from Bisham Abbey and Leeds Castle

10.35pm  Film : Oklahoma! (1955)
                with Gordon Macrae, Gloria Grahame
                and Shirley Jones

12.50am  Music at Night
                The Christmas Tree Suite by Franz Liszt 
                On each of the 12 days of Christmas                             Rhondda Gillespie plays a movement from                     this little-known suite for piano.
                Old Christmas Song