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Christmas Past - 1959 Radio Times Cover - What was on. - TV Listings

Christmas Eve Thursday 24th December 1959


  1.00pm  Beunydd

  1.15pm  Closedown

  2.30pm  Watch with Mother
                Rag, Tag and Bobtail

  2.45pm  Man from 1997
                a comic fantasy with Charles Ruggles

  3.30pm  Faraway Look
                Kangaroos and Koalas
                Peter Scott looks back, with his wife, on his first Faraway Look tour which took him to Australia,
                New Zealand, New Guinea, and Fiji

  4.30pm  The Apple Tree with the Golden Apples
                Hungarian film. The story told by Johnny Morris

  4.55pm  Children's Newsreel

  5.10pm  Christmas Crackerjack
                with Eamonn Andrews featuring
                Lenny the Lion with Terry Hall
                Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson
                Ronnie Corbett
                Raymond Rollett
                Jerry Bergmann and Mimi
                Ronnie Boyer and Jeanne Ravel

  6.05pm  News, The Weather

  6.25pm  Christmas Fare
                A look ahead at Christmas programmes with Alex Macintosh , Michael Aspel , and a few friends

  6.30pm  Carols from Canterbury
                Sung in the Crypt and the Choir of the Cathedral Introduced by The Dean of Canterbury
                The Very Rev. Hewlett Johnson. D.D.

  7.05pm  Film : The Trail to Christmas (1957) 
                starring James Stewart

  7.30pm  Julie Andrews and John Fraser  in "The Gentle Flame"
                by Francis Essex

  8.15pm   Amahl and the Night Visitors
                 Christmas story with music by Gian Carlo Menotti

  9.00pm  News Summary

  9.05pm  Film : Sister Kenny (1946)
                starring Rosalind Russell

10.55pm  Mass of the Nativity
                from the Roman Catholic Bergkirche, Eisenstadt, Austria

12.00       Closedown

  Christmas Day Friday 25th December 1959


  8.30am  Christmas Greeting
                A programme of carols by The George Mitchell Glee Club and Dennis Wilson Quartet

  9.00am  The Queen
                Her Majesty's recorded Christmas Message to the Commonwealth (sound only)

  9.03am  Dartington Christmas Festival
                introduced by Huw Wheldon

  9.30am  Gwyl Y Geni
                (Festival of the Nativity)

10.00am  Closedown

11.00am  Morning Service
                for Christmas Day from St George's Parish Church, Stockport

11.45am  Peace on Earth
                Christmas programme from the International Pestalozzi Children's Villages.
                In Switzerland and in Sussex children from all over Europe gather round the Christmas tree as one                         family.

12.15pm  Meet Mr Kringle 
                film comedy starring Thomas Mitchell, Teresa Wright , Macdonald Carey

  1.00pm  News Summary

  1.15pm  Music with Max
                Max Jaffa's with The Trio, Alicia Markova and the Linden Singers

  1.35pm  Days Before Christmas
                National Film Board of Canada film about the festive season in Montreal

  2.00pm  Boots and Saddles
                film series "Dispatch Rider"

  2.25pm  While Angels Watch
                In a hospital in Singapore a young nurse finds that the message of Christmas has for her a special and                     personal meaning. A documentary film about Queen Alexandra's Nursing Service

  3.00pm  Chipperfield's Christmas Circus Festival
                from Bingley Hall , Birmingham

  4.00pm  Billy Cotton's Christmas Party
                An invitation to children of all ages to join Billy Cotton and his Band plus guests

  4.45pm  Barrie's A Kiss for Cinderella
                starring Jeannie Carson

  6.15pm  News Summary

  6.20pm  Christmas Night with the Stars
                featuring the Jimmy Logan Show,
                Charlie Drake, Whack-O! and many more

  7.35pm  Songs of Many Lands
                with Harry Belafonte

  8.20pm  Film : High Noon (1952)
                starring Gary Cooper

  9.45pm  News Summary

  9.50pm  Bleak House
                by Charles Dickens adapted for television

10.20pm  Make Way for Music
                Thirty minutes of music in an informal manner

10.50pm  Epilogue for Christmas Day
                The Rev. Frederic Greeves
                Principal of Didsbury College, Bristol  followed by

  Boxing Day Saturday 26th December 1959


11.40am  Beunydd

12.00       Grandstand
                introduced by David Coleman
                (12.05pm Boxing in America: Garnett 'Sugar' Hart v Luis Rodriguez
                12.35 Motor Racing from Brands Hatch: Production Sports Car Race
                 1.00 Racing at Kempton Park: Mistletoe Novices Steeplechase
                 1.10 Motor Racing: Christmas Trophy Race,
                 1.30 Racing: Hunter Simmonds Handicap Hurdle
                 2.00 Racing: The King George VI Steeplechase
                 2.10 Motor Racing: John Davy Trophy Race
                 2.30 Racing: Holly Handicap Steeplechase
                 3.00 Motor Racing: Silver City Trophy Race
                 3.30 Amateur Boxing: Welsh ABA Annual Competition
                 4.30 Football and Racing Summaries)

  5.00pm  Whirlybirds
                "Seven Were Trapped"
                The back entrance to the mine is on a part of the mountain which is inaccessible by car or on foot. P.T.                   and Chuck arrive and with their helicopter's help, try to save the lives of seven trapped men

  5.25pm  The Three Princes
                A tale of the Thousand Nights and One Night by Rex Tucker

  6.15pm  News Summary, The Weather

  6.22pm  Laramie
                Western series

  7.10pm  Dixon of Dock Green
                A Piece of Pink Ribbon
                starring Jack Warner

  7.40pm  Mother Goose
                Pantomime with Frankie Howerd

  9.10pm  News Summary

  9.15pm  Never Die
                A new detective thriller by John Elliott and Geoffrey Bush starring
                Dorothy Alison, Gordon Jackson, Bill Owen, William Russell
                Katherine Kath, Jack Watling

10.45pm  The Good Old Days
                A Christmas Edition of Old-Time Music-Hall presenting
                Morecambe and Wise
                Betty Jumel
                Cardew Robinson
                Smoothey and Layton
                The Manton Brothers
                Patricia Bredin
                Chairman : Leonard Sachs

11.45pm  Weather

  Sunday 27th December 1959


12.40pm  Weather and Farming

  1.15pm  O Sul I Sul
                (From Sunday to Sunday) in Welsh

  1.30pm  Croeso
                (Visit) in Welsh

  2.00pm  Ask Me Another
                special challenge match between the Webster family from Lancashire
                and the Carr family from North Wales

  2.30pm  Film: Never a Dull Moment (1950)
                starring Irene Dunne and Fred MacMurray

  3.55pm  The Phil Silvers Show
                starring Phil Silvers as Sergeant Bilko in "Mess Hall Mess"

  4.20pm  Out of the Blue
                Roger Bond is a farmer's son but his life is closely linked with the sea, and his dreams are of tides and                       boats and fishing, and, above all, the spoils of the sea

  4.50pm  Lenny's Den
               with Lenny the Lion and Terry Hall

  5.00pm  The Young Lady from London
                A comedy in six parts
                Written and produced by Rex Tucker
                Part 6

  5.30pm  Snapshot
                film series about animals and people from all over the world

  5.45pm  Sunday Special
                "The Candlemaker" An animated cartoon film

  6.00pm  News Summary and The Weather Man

  6.05pm  Sea Parish
                The work of the Missions to Seamen told through the story of a seaman whose voyages take him to                         Australia and back home in time for Christmas

  6.35pm  With Heart and Voice
                from Wales, Hywel Davies introduces seven hymns and carols sung by Helen Watts , Rowland Jonet and                   the Treorchy Male Choir

  7.00pm  Meeting Point at Christmas
                When Jesus was born at Bethlehem

  7.25pm  News Summary

  7.30pm  The Eddie Fisher Show
                with guests including Bob Monkhouse

  8.15pm  What's My Line ?
                Television's most popular panel game with Isobcl Barnett, Gilbert Harding, Polly Elwes
                Cyril Fletcher, In the chair, Eamonn Andrews

  8.45pm  Sunday Night Theatre : Waters of the Moon
                a play by N C Hunter

10.15pm  News Summary

10.20pm  The Edge of the Sixties

11.15pm  The Epilogue
                The Christmas Story
                As seen by great artists of the past

  Bank Holiday Monday 28th December 1959 


12.55pm  Beunydd

  1.15pm  Racing at Kempton Park
                (1.30 Christmas Handicap Hurdle,
                2.00 Kenton Handicap Chase, 2.30 Oatlands Handicap Chase)

  2.40pm  Watch with Mother
                Picture Book

  2.55pm  Mainly for Women
                "Passage into Sunshine"
                The story of an emigrant journey to Australia

  3.25pm  Keep Fit
                with Eileen Fowler

  3.40pm  Science International

  4.45pm  Today's Sport
                introduced by Kenneth Wolstenholme
                Today's sporting headlines and all the results Football, Rugby, Racing

  5.00pm  The Snow Princess 
                Russian cartoon film based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen

  6.00pm  News and The Weather

  6.20pm  Wells Fargo
                "Fort Massacre"
                starring Dale Robertson
                The exciting adventures of the famous Western Stagecoach Service
  6.45pm  Tonight
                Look around with Cliff Michelmore
                Derek Hart, Alan Whicker , Fyfe Robertson and including
                John Morgan , Polly Elwes and Cy Grant

  7.25pm  News Summary

  7.30pm  This Is Your Life
                with Eamonn Andrews

  8.05pm  The Men from Room Thirteen
                "The Man Who Lost His Trousers" Part 1
                starring John Welsh and William Fox
                A series of crime stories in two weekly parts
  8.35pm  The Edge of the Sixties 
                2- The Jazz Age

  9.30pm  Professional Boxing
                Cruiserweight- Alan Peacock (Hull) v Gordon Corbett (B'ham),
                Welterweight- Brian Husband (Hull) v Ron Warnes (Erith)

10.30pm  News

10.45pm  Come Dancing
                for the BBC Inter-Regional Dancing Contest
                Peter West introduces the fifth heat in the nation-wide amateur ballroom dancing contest between                         twelve regions for the BBC Television Award and Formation Team Cup

11.30pm  Weather