Sunday 14 December 2014

TV Times - 1964 - Christmas Cover and Listings

Christmas Eve Thursday 24th December 1964


  3.15pm  Film : Tom Brown's Schooldays

  4.45pm  Small Time

  5.00pm  Junior Criss Cross Quiz

  5.25pm  Space Patrol

  5.55pm  News, Weather

  6.08pm  Three after Six

  6.30pm  Mister Ed

  7.00pm  Double Your Money

  7.30pm  HMS Paradise

  8.25pm  The Lucy Show

  8.55pm  News

  9.10pm  This Week

  9.40pm  Alfred Hitchcock Hour : Behind the Door, with Gloria Swanson, James McArthur

10.35pm  What the Papers Say

10.50pm  News

10.52pm  Dateline, Weather

11.05pm  Musical Memoirs  Line Renaud, the French singer

11.30pm  Christmas in the Sixties

12.00       Pontifical High Mass at Midnight from St  Benedict`s Abbey, Ealing

  Granada (as Rediffusion except)

  2.30pm  Film : Girdle of Gold

  3.30pm  Film : William Goes to Town

  4.55pm  Good Evening from Granada in the North (until 5.00pm)

  5.25pm  The Magic Boomerang (until 5.55pm)

  6.05pm  My Sister Eileen

  6.30pm  Scene at 6.30

  7.30pm  The Saint (until 8.25pm)

  9.40pm  Film : The Goldwyn Follies (until 10.35pm)

10.52pm  Film : The Goldwyn Follies (continued, until 11.30pm)

11.50pm  Granada in the North (until 12.00)

  1.15am  Goodnight

  Christmas Day Friday 25th December 1964


  9.00am  Christmas Morning Carol Service from St Peter's Chapel, Auckland Castle, County Durham

  9.45am  Small Time, The Adventures of Twizzle

  9.55am  Chaplin Carnival

10.10am  University Challenge

10.40am  Mahalia Jackson

11.00am  Christmas Morning Service from the Parish Church of St Mary, Balham, South London

11.45am  Chaplin Carnival

12.00       Willum's Christmas

12.30pm  Sing Along with Santa

  1.00pm  News

  1.05pm  Quick Draw McGraw

  1.30pm  Just Dennis

  2.00pm  Once a Jolly Swagman

  3.00pm  The Queen

  3.10pm  Richard Whittington Esquire

  4.35pm  Don't Say a Word

  5.00pm  Five O'Clock Club

  5.30pm  Ready, Steady, Go!

  6.25pm  News, Weather

  6.30pm  Petticoat Junction

  6.58pm  Meet Romeo, cartoon

  7.00pm  Take Your Pick

  7.28pm  Meet Romeo, cartoon

  7.30pm  Emergency Ward 10

  7.58pm  Meet Romeo, cartoon

  8.00pm  Film : The Pride and the Passion

  8.55pm  News

  9.10pm  Film : The Pride and the Passion (continued)

10.38pm  Meet Romeo, cartoon

10.40pm  Stars and Garters

11.25pm  Black Nativity, Christmas play starring Marion Williams

12.15am  Last Programme

  Granada (as Rediffusion except)

  9.45am  Film : Old Mother Riley : The Headmistress (until 11.00am)

11.45am  Four Feather Falls

12.00       University Challenge (until 12.30pm)

  1.05pm   Ready, Steady, Go! (until 2.00pm)

  5.30pm  Mr Piper

  5.55pm  The Archbishop of York

  6.00pm  News

  6.10pm  Scene at Christmas (until 7.00pm)

11.25pm  News Headlines

11.30pm  Time Out of War

12.00      Goodnight

  Boxing Day Saturday 26th December 1964


12.20pm  Racing from Wetherby (12.30 and 1.00 races)

  1.10pm  News

  1.15pm  Racing from Wetherby (1.30 and 2.00 races)

  2.05pm  Racing Results Roundup

  2.10pm  Zanzabuku

  3.15pm  Professional Wrestling

  5.00pm  Sports Results

  5.15pm  The Forest Rangers

  5.45pm  News

  5.50pm  Thank Your Lucky Stars

  6.35pm  Boxing Night Out

  7.35pm  Bonanza: A Knight to Remember

  8.30pm  Arthur Haynes Show

  9.05pm  News

  9.15pm  Film : The Battle of the River Plate

11.15pm  On the Braden Beat

11.40pm  News

11.45pm  The Invisible Man : The Vanishing Evidence

12.09am  Epilogue

  ABC Midland and Northern (as ATV except)

  7.35pm  Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (until 8.30pm)

  9.15pm  Film : The Prince and the Showgirl starring Laurence Olivier and Marilyn Monroe

11.15pm  Tempo

11.45pm  Personal Column

11.50pm  News ; Weather

  Sunday 27th December 1964


11.00am  Manchester Cathedral Festival Service, from the Church of St Mary and St George

12.15pm  Closedown

  2.18pm  The New Industrial Revolution: Computers

  2.40pm  News

  2.45pm  Tempo

  3.15pm  Sea Hunt

  3.45pm  Police Five

  3.50pm  Film : Blackbeard the Pirate

  5.35pm  Stingray

  6.05pm  News

  6.15pm  Wonderworld

  6.35pm  About Religion : Almanac

  7.05pm  Voice of Melody

  7.25pm  News

  7.28pm  Val Parnell's Sunday Night at the London Palladium

  8.55pm  Film : Trapeze starring Burt Lancaster, Gina Lollobrigida, Tony Curtis

10.10pm News

10.20pm Film : Trapeze continued

11.05pm Eamon Andrews Show, Weather

11.50pm Epilogue

  ABC Midland and Northern (as ATV except)

  2.00pm  Farming Comment

  2.10pm  Rugby League

  2.45pm  On the Braden Beat

  3.15pm  Big Beat '64

  4.40pm  No Time for Sergeants

  5.10pm  Just Jimmy

  5.40pm  Bugs Bunny Show (until 6.05pm)

  8.55pm  Film : Kind Hearts and Coronets

  9.55pm  News

10.05pm  Film : Kind Hearts and Coronets continued (until 11.05)

  Bank Holiday Monday 28th December 1964

  Associated Rediffusion

  2.02pm  Out of School

  3.08pm  Closedown

  4.20pm  Small Time

  4.35pm  Crossroads

  5.00pm  Seeing Sport

  5.25pm  Flipper

  5.52pm  Sports Results

  5.55pm  News; Weather

  6.08pm  Postcard from Oslo

  7.00pm  All Our Yesterdays

  7.30pm  Coronation Street

  8.00pm  Crane

  8.55pm  News

  9.10pm  Play of the Week: The Rise and Fall of Nellie Brown

10.30pm  The Explorers

11.00pm  News

11.02pm  Dateline; Weather

11.15pm  I Believe, but...

  Granada (as Associated Rediffusion except)

  2.02pm  No programmes

  4.50pm  Good Evening from Granada (until 5.00pm)

  5.25pm  Robin Hood (until 5.55pm)

  6.05pm  The Patty Duke Show

  6.30pm  Scene at 6.30 (until 7.00pm)

11.00pm  News followed by Three Men in a Boat

11.45pm  Granada in the North

12.00       Closedown