Monday 22 December 2014

Radio Times Christmas Cover 1982 - What was on

Christmas Eve Friday 24th December 1982


  9.20am  Charlie Brown's Christmas

  9.45am  The Wombles

  9.50am  Jackanory

10.05am  Why Don't You...?

10.25am  Battle of the Planets

10.50am  Play Chess

11.00am  Film : Tarzan and the Leopard Woman
               (1946) starring Johnny Weissmuller

12.10pm  Edgar Kennedy in Rough on Rents

12.30pm  News; Weather

12.42pm  Financial Report and News
               (Regional News)

12.45pm  Pigeon Street

  1.00pm  Film : The Fall of the Roman Empire (1964)
               starring Christopher Plummer and
               Sophia Loren
  3.53pm  Regional News (not London)

  3.55pm  Play School

  4.20pm  Mighty Mouse

  4.25pm  Jackanory, with Jeremy Irons

  4.40pm  Hong Kong Phooey

  4.55pm  Crackerjack

  5.35pm  Paddington

  5.40pm  News ; Weather

  5.55pm  Tom and Jerry (Regional News)

  6.05pm  The Kids International Show

  6.35pm  Film : 20000 Leagues Under the Sea
                starring Kirk Douglas, Paul Lukas and
                James Mason
  8.40pm  Christmas with Terry and June

  9.10pm  News ; Weather

  9.25pm  Oh Yes I Am...Oh No You're Not!
                documentary about the 
                pantomime dame

10.20pm  Film :Carry On Don't Lose Your Head

11.50pm  Midnight Mass of the Nativity
                from the Church of Our Lady
                and St Joseph, Hanwell

12.50am Closedown

  Christmas Day Saturday 25th December 1982     

  8:40am  The All-New Pink
                Panther Show                         

  9:00am  Carols from Buckfast

  9:45am  Christmas Parade

10:35am  Christmas Morning Service

11:38am  Weather

11:40am  Raccoons on Ice

12:05pm  Film : Mister Quilp (1975) Première 

  2:00pm  Top of the Pops

  3:00pm  The Queen

  3:05pm  Film : International Velvet (1978)

  5:10pm  News ; Weatherman
  5.20pm  Jim'll Fix It
  6:00pm  The Paul Daniels Magic Christmas Show

  6.55pm  Last of the Summer Wine
  7:30pm  The Two Ronnies Christmas Show

  8:15pm  Film : Death on the Nile (1978)

10:30pm  News ; Weatherman

10:40pm  Perry Como 
11:30pm  Ghost Story for Christmas : The Signalman

12:10am  Christmas Night with The Spinners

12:40am  Weather

12:45am  Closedown

  Christmas Sunday 26th December 1982


  9.00am  The Flumps

  9.15am  Knock Knock, Who's There ?
                Christmas stories

  9.45am  The Song and the Story
                 Sing a Song of Christmas

10.10am  Asian Magazine

10.40am  Sunday Worship 
                from St Michael's Parish Church,

11.25am  See Hear!
                The Queen's Message for the deaf, 
                with sub-titles and sign language

11.35am  The Edinburgh Military Tattoo of 1982

12.45pm  Junior Kick Start

  1.15pm  World Cup '82 highlights with Jimmy Hill

  1.45pm  News; Weather

  1.50pm  TV Film : Orphan Train, with Jill Eikenberry
                 and Kevin Dobson

  4.05pm  Cheggers Plays Pop

  4.30pm  The All Star Record Breakers

  5.20pm  Disney Time

  6.05pm  News ; Weather

  6.15pm  Songs of Praise for Christmas
                 from Exeter Cathedral, 
                 with Geoffrey Wheeler
  7.15pm  Hi-de-Hi!

  8.00pm  Film : Airport 77 (1977)
                 with Jack Lemmon and James Stewart

  9.50pm  News ; Weather

10.00pm  Call Me Kiri with Placido Domingo, 
                Doreen Wells, Norma Burrowes 
                and Harry Secombe

11.00pm  Men v Women
                International Golf Challenge,
                from Woburn, 1/6

11.50pm  The Ice House
                repeat of John Bowen's ghost story

12.25am  Weather

  Boxing Day Monday 27th December 1982


  9.20am  Trumpton

  9.35am  The All-New Pink Panther Show

  9.55am  The Wombles

10.00am  Jackanory

10.15am  Why Don`t You...?

10.40am  Battle of the Planets

11.00am  Film : Tarzan and the Huntress (1947)
                starring Johnny Weissmuller

12.10pm  Weather

12.15pm  The Wonderful World of Disney

  1.00pm  The Pups' Christmas

  1.10pm  Junior Kick Start

  1.35pm  News ; Weather

  1.40pm  Film : Ben-Hur (1959)
                starring Charlton Heston

  5.05pm  News; Weather

  5.10pm  Final Score

  5.20pm  Blankety Blank with Terry Wogan

  5.55pm  Film : King Kong (1976)
                starring Jessica Lange

  8.05pm  The Funny Side of Christmas
                 excerpts from BBC comedy shows

  9.35pm  Film : Convoy (1978)
                 with Kris Kristofferson and Ali McGraw

11.25pm  Films of the Year with Iain Johnstone

12.05am  Staus Quo Perform...
                their 20th anniversary concert

12.55am  Weather

  Christmas Eve Friday 24th December 1982

11.00am  Play School

11.25am  Closedown

  2.00pm  The Islanders Dennis Skillicorn
                 meets men whose lives have been             

                 influenced by the sea

  2.30pm  Schools Prom highlights

  3.10pm  The Book Game
                 chaired by Robert Robinson

  3.40pm  A Christmas Carol
                The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

  3.55pm  Film : I'm All Right Jack (1959)
                 starring Ian Carmichael and Peter Sellers

  5.40pm  K9 and Company

  6.30pm  The Year They Raised the Rose

  7.35pm  News ; Weather

  7.40pm  A Service of Nine Lessons
                and Carols from King's

  8.40pm  The Forgotten Voyage, the story of
                 Alfred Russell Wallace, evolutionist

10.00pm  The Old Grey Whistle Test
                Presents Elton John
                from the Hammersmith Odeon

11.00pm  News ; Weather

11.05pm  Russell Harty, at home

11.50pm  TV Film : The Gathering with Ed Asner

  1.25am  Closedown



  Christmas Day Saturday 25th December 1982   


  2:10pm  The Islanders

  2:40pm  Gold from the Deep

  3:40pm  The Book Game

  4:10pm  25 Years in Space

  5:20pm  Sellers Over Christmas :
                 Film : The Millionairess (1960)

  6:45pm  The Queen
  6:55pm  The World About Us

  7:40pm  The World of James Joyce

  9:35pm  Richard Baker's Christmas Dozen

10:40pm  Film : Fedora (1978) Première

  Christmas Sunday 26th December 1982

12.55pm  Horizon  The Mysterious Mr Tesla

  1.45pm  The Islanders

  2.15pm  The Lusitania File
                 a Newsnight special on the sinking
                 of the liner in 1915

  3.05pm  World Cup Chess : the final, 
                 Anatoly Karpov v Boris Spassky

  3.35pm  The Book Game

  4.05pm  Film : The Two-Way Stretch (1960)
                 starring Peter Sellers
                 Lionel Jeffries & Wilfrid Hyde White

  5.30pm  News Review

  6.05pm  The Ghost Downstairs
                 a supernatural thriller by Leon Garfield,
                 with Cyril Cusack, Mike Gwilym 

                 and Jonathan Byatt

  7.05pm  Cricket: Fourth Test
                 highlights of Australia v England
                 at Melbourne

  7.30pm  The Mormon Tabernacle Choir
                 in concert at the Albert Hall

  8.00pm  The Barchester Chronicles 
                 (repeat of Wednesday's episode)

  8.55pm  News ; Weather

  9.00pm  Bach Goes East  London's Bach Choir in 
                 Hong Kong for ten days earlier this year

10.00pm  Spider's Web Agatha Christie mystery,  
                starring Penelope Keith,  Robert Flemyng,  
                Thorley Walters, David Yelland and 
                Elizabeth Spriggs

11.45pm  Glen Campbell in Dublin

12.40am  Closedown


  Boxing Day Monday 27th December 1982


11.00am  Play School

11.25am  Closedown

12.45pm  Racing from Wincanton 
                (1.00, 1.35, 2.05 races)

  2.20pm  The Islanders

  2.55pm  Pacific Journey

  3.30pm  The Book Game

  4.00pm  Task Force South, Brian Hanrahan
                 revisits the scenes of the fighting

  5.30pm  Shakespeare in Perspective

  5.55pm  Jacqueline du Pre
                 and the Elgar Cello Concerto

  7.05pm  News ; Weather

  7.10pm  Cricket: Fourth Test

  7.35pm  My Music for Christmas

  8.05pm  Burden of Dreams a documaentary about                  German film director Werner Herzog

  9.35am  Marti Caine, with Bucks Fizz, 
                 Juan Martin and Gene Pitney
10.25am  A Drop in the Ocean, about the 10000
                cases of whisky that went missing, 

                despite a police and customs guard, 
                after a shipwreck off the Outer 
                Hebrides in 1941

11.15am  News ; Weather

11.25am  Film : Dance of the Vampires (1967)             
                Roman Polanski stars in his own film, 
                with Jack MacGowran

  1.15am  Closedown