Thursday 18 December 2014

Royal Museums Greenwich - Last Chance To See

Ships, Clocks & Stars  closes 4 January

‘Visually stunning’ – winner of the 2014 British Society for the History of Science’s Great Exhibitions.

Our major exhibition is now entering its final weeks. It charts one of the greatest scientific endeavours of all time – the quest to safely navigate at sea. From Galileo to Isaac Newton and John Harrison to Captain Cook, the best minds of the age were all trying to solve the biggest problem of their day. Our exhibition follows the personal stories and bitter rivalries that drove forward new technologies and dramatically influenced the creation of our modern world. 
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Highlights include a rare opportunity to see all five of Harrison's legendary timepieces.
Longitude Punk'd  final weeks
Included in the entry to Ships, Clocks & Stars is our fantastical exhibition at the Royal Observatory. Inspired by the historical search for longitude, this follows the quest of the fictional Commodore. Prominent steampunk artists, including award-winning author Robert Rankin, have interspersed items from our collection among new creations to build their own fantastical world. Humorous and enlightening, their fabulous narrative blurs the boundaries between art and science, fact and fiction. This exhibition also closes on 4 January. 
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Joint ticket for Ships, Clocks & Stars and Longitude Punk'd also gives access to Flamsteed House and the world-famous Meridian Courtyard

From our friends at the National Theatre
The National Theatre have been looking at the history of navigation and perils of sea-travel to create a historically sensitive production of Treasure Island.
Treasure Island at the National Theatre
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This winter take a voyage to a vast world of treacherous seas and far-away shores.
Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic story is brought to life on the Olivier stage in a thrilling new adaptation by Bryony Lavery.
Suitable for 10yrs+

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