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1963 - Radio Times - Christmas cover and Listings

Christmas Eve Tuesday 24th December 1963


10.45am  Watch with Mother
                Andy Pandy

11.00am  Closedown

  1.00pm  Newyddion
                (News in Welsh)

  1.05pm  Heddiw
                (Today, in Welsh)

  1.25pm  The News

  1.30pm  Watch with Mother
                The Woodentops

  1.45pm Closedown

  4.30pm  The Magic Tree
                A Persian fantasy by Gordon Murray with music composed by Richard Arnell
                presented by the BBC Puppet Theatre

  4.55pm  The Snow Queen
                second chance to see the Russian cartoon film based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen

  6.00pm  The News

  6.10pm  Town and Around
                A daily presentation of news and views from London and the South-East introduced by Michael Aspel

  6.35pm  Compact
                "Dress Rehearsal"
                series by Hazel Adair and Peter Ling
                Christmas Eve is not without its last-minute crises

  7.05pm  The Old Man of the Mountains
                the story of William Collins

  7.45pm  The Lucy Show
                A comedy film series of family life with never a dull moment starring Lucille Ball

  8.10pm  Elizabeth Taylor in London
                The London of Elizabeth Taylor is a London remembered mostly from childhood - a mosaic of places,                         people, and events and of the written and spoken word

  9.00pm  The News

  9.10pm  Maigret
                Maigret's Little Joke
                crime series from the novels of Georges Simenon starring Rupert Davies as Chief-Inspector Maigret

10.00pm  The Good Old Days
                Christmas edition of Old-Time Music-Hall from the stage of the famous City Varieties, Leeds

10.50pm  Christmas Carols
                from the Chapel of King's College, Cambridge

11.35pm  Christmas and a Mouse
                Alan Whicker tells the true story of the Song of Christmas-and the delight
                we all owe to a hungry church mouse

11.55pm  Midnight Mass of the Nativity,
                from Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church, Ardoyne, Belfast

  1.15am  Closedown

  Christmas Day Wednesday 25th December 1963


  9.00am  Gwelson El Seren Ef
                We saw his star Welsh meditation

  9.30am  Her Majesty the Queen
                A sound recording of The Queen's Christmas message
                This broadcast may also be heard on BBC Radio followed by The News

  9.35am  Ring of Bright Water
                Gavin Maxwell talks to W. Gordon Smith at Camusfearna in the Scottish Highlands, the 'embattled                           position' in which he lives and writes about himself and his famous otters

10.00am  Zizou the Alpine Cat
                a film from France

10.15am  Watch with Mother
                Andy Pandy

10.30am  Morning Service
                from York Minster

11.30am  Frankie Howerd
                invites you to Meet the Kids, at Great Ormond Street

12.15pm  Film : The Red Stallion (1947)
                directed by Lesley Selander

  1.30pm  Carols for Christmas Day
                introduced by Sir Malcolm Sargent who conducts the Royal Choral Society in the famous Carol                                 Concert they give each Christmas at the Royal Albert Hall , London.

  2.00pm  Walt Disney
                Walt Disney has made many feature films and cartoons based on British stories, or with British actors                     and technicians David Tomlinson introduces scenes from some of these

  3.00pm  Billy Smart's Circus

  4.05pm  Film : Abbott & Costello Meet Captain Kidd (1952)

  5.15pm  Sooty
                Sooty, Sweep and Harry Corbett invite you to
                Sooty's Christmas Party

  5.30pm  The News

  5.40pm  The Mills Family
                John, Mary, Juliet, Hayley and Jonathan Mills
                appeal on behalf of Freedom from Hunger

  5.45pm  Dick Whittington
                starring Terry Scott, Hugh Lloyd and Reg Varney

  7.15pm  Z Cars
                It Never Rains by John Hopkins
                On Christmas Eve Lynch and Graham are as full of good will to all men as any police officers can be -                       with a garage robbery to deal with, and with other people's celebrations to get in the way

  8.05pm  Christmas Night with the Stars
                 introduced by Eamonn Andrews, featuring
                The Black and White Minstrels, Russ Conway, Dixon of Dock Green, Dick Emery
                Joan Sims, Hugh and I, It's a Square World, Juke Box Jury, The Marriage Lines,
                Kenneth McKellar, Nina and Frederick, Andy Stewart

  9.25pm  Film : The Gold Rush (1925)
                starring Charlie Chaplin

10.35pm  The News

10.40pm  The Christmas Music
                from Messiah by Handel

11.35pm  Holy Night
                The story of Christ's Birth at Bethlehem shown through the play of light and movement of the camera                     on porcelain figures made in Naples in the eighteenth century

11.40pm  Weather

  Boxing Day Thursday 26th December 1963


10.45am  Watch with Mother
                Rag, Tag, and Bobtail

11.00am  The Big Country
                a picture of the workaday world of the cattlemen and seasonal life on the ranches and farms revealed                     against the magnificent scenic background of western Canada

11.50am  The Picardy Affair
                second chance to see the film first shown this year on the anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt

12.40pm  Boxing Day Grandstand
                (Racing from Kempton Park, Motor Racing
                from Brand`s Hatch, Boxing in America, Late Results and News Round-up)

  3.20pm  Film : Knickerbocker Holiday (1944)
                starring Nelson Eddy, Charles Coburn

  4.40pm  Champions on Ice
                chance to see again the skills of the world's most exciting skaters
                An International Ice Cabaret featuring from Holland

  5.20pm  Boss Cat
                The Long Hot Winter
                second chance to see the film cartoon series about the gang of alley cats captained by the ever-                               resourceful and formidable Cat 

  5.45pm  No Road Back
              an arctic adventure narrated by Derek Cooper

  6.25pm  The News

  6.35pm  Compact
               "On Stage"
                Backstage at the staff Christmas revue various disasters are faced-and some are settled unexpectedly.                     But the most serious drama takes place at the highest level

  7.05pm  Dr Kildare
                starring Richard Chamberlain

  7.55pm  It's a Square World
                with Michael Bentine

  8.20pm  Who is Secombe ?
                What Is He?
                Dora Bryan, Roy Castle, Jimmy Edwards and Fenella Fielding conduct you on a tour around
                Harry Secombe with the help of Eric Robinson, Anton Rodgers and Amanda Barrie

  9.05pm  Laughter from the Whitehall
                Brian Rix presents High Temperature

10.20pm  The News

10.30pm  Stars of the Bolshoi Ballet
                excerpts from Cinderella, Giselle, Gayaneh, Don Quixote

11.10pm  The Seven Giants of Denby Dale
                The monstrous, comical, pathetic, and occasionally tragical chronicle of one town's unique contribution                     to the history of the last 200 years: together with a prognostication by Mr. Fyfe Robertson of the delights                 we may confidently expect from the eighth giant of Denby Dale

11.25pm  Josh White 
                sings folk songs and blues

11.55pm  The Weather