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Radio Times Christmas Cover 1968 and Listings

 Christmas Eve Tuesday 24th December 1968


11.15am  Apollo report

11.20am  Jackanory
  Ted Ray tells a traditional story for                               Christmas Eve called The Little Juggler

11.35am  The Christmas Story
... told to the infants class of a Dorset village                 school by the head teacher, and acted by                     the older children from St. Mary's Church.                     Cerne Abbas 

12.00       Carols and Cash
Just Because It's Christmas
                Students from the University of York take a                 look at some aspects of the Christmas                           festival.

12.30pm  When Comedy Was King
Some great moments with the screen's                       most famous laughter-makers  (b&w)

  1.30pm  Apollo report

  1.50pm  Watch with Mother
Trumpton :
                The Greenhouse

  2.05pm  The News and The Weather

  2.10pm  Film : Captain Blood (1935)
 with Errol Flynn

  3.45pm  Bewitched
Humbug Not Spoken Here
 ... or Santa will sleigh you!
                A special Christmas edition

  4.10pm  Play School
  Dressing-Up Day

  4.30pm  Nina and Frederick in The Christmas Tree
Hans Andersen's Christmas story retold for                   television 

  5.00pm  Jack and the Beanstalk
 starring Gene Kelly
                The famous seasonal fairy story with music

  5.50pm  The News and The Weatherman

  6.00pm  Town and Around
 introduced by John Bierman

  6.15pm  Carols from King's College, Cambridge
    A Service of Lessons and Carols

  7.00pm  Z Cars
Blame it on Father Christmas, part 2

  7.25pm  The Gang Show
 Excerpts from the 1968 production with a                     cast of 120 members of the Scout and                         Guide Movement

  8.15pm  Cilla
The first of a new series starring
                Cilla Black
                Among her guest stars, Michael Crawford,                     Shari Lewis and special guest                                       Scott Walker

  9.05pm  The News 
with Richard Baker and
                The Weather

  9.20pm  Play of the Month
Waters of the Moon by
                NC Hunter,with Margaret Leighton,
                Athene Seyler, Kathleen Harrison,
                Vivien Merchant, Roland Culver,
                Michael Gwynn

10.50pm  Children Talking
Gerald Harrison asks children from the                         Bolton and Nelson areas of Lancashire                           about going to the Moon 

11.00pm  Amahl and the Night Visitors
An opera in one act 

11.45pm  Midnight Eucharist
  from St George's Parish Church, Belfast

Christmas Day Wednesday 25th December 1968


  8.45am  Carol Story
An entertainment for Christmas morning 
                Sung by the Choir of East Barnet Grammar                   School 

  9.15am  The News and The Weather

  9.25am  Apollo Report

  9.30am  Jackanory
John Stride tells 
                The Minstrel and the Mountain 

  9.45am  Professor in Toyland
                Some enchanting questions for enquiring                     minds asked by Professor Julius Sumner                       Miller on walking toys, singing toys,                               swimming toys, flying toys
                Do you own a toy? Did you ever own a toy?

10.15am  A Spoonful of Sugar

10.45am  Family Service
from the Methodist Church, 
                Solihull, Warwickshire

11.30am  Meet the Kids
                in hospital at Christmas with Ray Allan, 
                Tony Hart

12.15pm  The Charlie Drake Show

  1.00pm  The Newcomers
Christmas Day in Angleton

  1.25pm  Top of the Pops '68
 with Pete Murray and Jimmy Savile

  2.10pm  The Black and White Minstrel
                Christmas Show

  3.00pm  The Queen
Her Majesty's Christmas Message to the                       Commonwealth 

  3.05pm  Billy Smart's Circus

  4.10pm  Disney Time
                with Val Doonican

  5.00pm  Humpty Dumpty
starring Leslie Crowther and Reg Varney

  6.30pm  The News and The Weather

  6.35pm  Christian Aid
 Christmas appeal by Judi Dench

  6.40pm  Christmas Night with the Stars
 introduced by Eric Morecambe and 
                Ernie Wise, featuring Not in Front of the  
                Children, Dad's Army, Harry Worth, Ice  
                Cabaret, Marty Feldman, Oh Brother!, 
                All Gas and Gaiters

  8.45pm  Doddy for Christmas
with Ken Dodd

  9.45pm  Film : Some Like It Hot (1959)
starring Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis

11.40pm  The News 
Robert Langley
                The Weather Man
 Bert Foord

11.50pm  Quiz of the Year
                Ned Sherrin tests the wits and memories of                 rival teams, who might be expected to know                 what's been going on in 1968

12.25am  Of the Nativite of Oure Lorde
extracts from St Benaventura's 
                Life of Jesus

 Boxing Day Thursday 26th December 1968


9.15am Watch with Mother
The Pogles

9.30am The News and The Weather

9.35am Days of Thrills and Laughter
 A pageant of comedy and cliff-hanging from                  the golden age of the silent film 

11.05am Transworld Top Team
United Kingdom v. Canada
               Top of the Form competes with Canada's                      Reach for the Top in this international                          series.
               Tonight's game : Match 9
               London v. Toronto 

11.30am A Thousand Miles a Day
 The London to Sydney Marathon covered                      10,000 miles in ten days and there was a                    prize of £ 10,000 for the winner. Most of the                world's top rally drivers set off from Crystal                    Palace at the end of November

12.20pm The Newcomers
               Boxing Day brings a surprise visitor to the                    Kerrs; Turner makes plans to entertain the                  Cooper family, Burroughs finds Mrs. Crabtree                too much under the influence of the                            Christmas spirit

12.45pm Boxing Day Grandstand
               (including, at 1.00,1.30,2.30 Racing from                    Kempton Park,
               Rugby League: Featherstone v Hunslet,
               Motor Racing: Grandstand Trophy Race Final
               for Saloon Cars)

3.15pm Film : North-West Mounted Police (1940)
 with Gary Cooper, Madeleine Carroll

5.15pm Tom and Jerry
Mice Follies

5.25pm Today's Sport
A full round-up of the day's results

5.35pm The News and The Weatherman 
Bert Foord

5.45pm The Andy Williams Christmas Show
 on Ice

6.35pm Top of the Pops '68
 part 2 
 introduced by Alan Freeman and 
             Stuart Henry 

7.15pm The Benny Hill Show
starring Benny Hill with June Whitfield,                        Henry McGee

8.00pm Film : The Bulldog Breed (1960)
   starring Norman Wisdom, Ian Hunter

9.35pm The Good Old Days
A Boxing Day edition of Old-Time Music-Hall                  from the stage of the Famous City Varieties                  Theatre, Leeds

10.25pm The News 
Robert Langley and
               The Weather

10.35pm Frost Over Christmas
A 1968 look at the 1967 programme                            starring David Frost with Ronnie Barker
               John Cleese , Ronnie Corbett
               Sheila Steafel , Julie Felix 

11.15pm Dean Martin Christmas Show

from Hollywood 

Christmas Eve Tuesday 24th December 1968


11.00am  Play School
   Dressing-Up Day 

11.20am  Closedown

  1.15pm  Apollo report 

  2.00pm  Closedown

  2.50pm  Christmas is Coming
 featuring Brigitte Bardot, Harry Secombe                       Frank Sinatra , Gene Kelly 
                Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass, Buddy                       Rich and his Orchestra

  3.00pm  Film : Little Women (1949)
with June Allyson, Elizabeth Taylor,
                Janet Leigh, Margaret O`Brien, Mary Astor, 

                Peter Lawford, Rossano Brazzi

  5.00pm  Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass
close-up of the world-famous trumpet player                 at work and in carefree mood from Malibu to                 Mexico

  5.50pm  The Christmas Visitor

  6.00pm  Film : Stowaway in the Sky (960)
 by Albert Lamorisse
                Pascal's grandfather invents a balloon and                     the young boy stows away on a spectacular                 voyage

  7.15pm  El Sombrero

  7.25pm  Newsroom, Weather

  7.55pm  The Pistol Shot  
a play by Nicholas Bethell, with 
                John Ronane, Peter Jeffrey, Ann Bell 
                and Ilona Rodgers

  9.05pm  Francis Albert Sinatra
 invites you to
                the Frank Sinatra Show

  9.55pm  Phantasmagoria
or the story of The Magic Lantern

10.25pm  The Clerkes of Oxenford  
 sing a programme of early Christmas carols

10.50pm  Film : The Captain's Table (1959) 
starring John Gregson,
                Peggy Cummins, Donald Sinden, 

                Nadia Gray

Christmas Day Wednesday 25th December 1968


  9.15am  Apollo Report

  9.30am  Closedown

11.20am  Play School
 The Christmas Story

11.40am  Christmas Morning at Windsor Castle
                The scene as Her Majesty The Queen and                      other members of the Royal Family leave                      St. George's Chapel after attending Morning                  Service 

11.55am  Apollo Report

12.10pm  Closedown

  3.00pm  The Queen's Christmas
 Her Majesty's Christmas Message to the                       Commonwealth

  3.05pm  The Royal Ballet
The Nutcracker and The Rat King
 with Merle Park and Rudolph Nureyev

  4.45pm  Peace on Earth
  The Christmas story illustrated by the                            famous alpine wood carvings 

  5.00pm  Film : Lords of the Forest :
                Masters of the Congo Jungle (1958)
narrated by William Warfield and 
                Orson Welles

  6.30pm  Dimensions
An amusing and clownish exercise in                             perspective

  6.40pm  Film : Lancelot and Guinevere (1963)
 with Cornel Wilde and Jean Wallace

  8.35pm  The News, The Weather

  8.45pm  The Merry Widow
operetta with Mary Costa and Jeremy Brett

10.30pm  The Harry Secombe Show
Tonight Harry invites some of his friends                        from the film production of Oliver!

11.25pm  Mr Rossi on the Beach

11.40pm  Film : Anchors Aweigh (1945)
   starring Frank Sinatra, Kathryn Grayson

  Boxing Day Thursday 26th December 1968


11.00am  Play School
Ideas Day 

11.20am  Closedown

  3.00pm  Christmas Play 
The Three Princes, by Rex Tucker,
                with Timothy Dalton

  4.00pm  The Conquest of Everest
The dramatic story of the successful 1953                     Everest Expedition led by Sir John Hunt 

  5.15pm  Film : The Black Shield of Falworth (1954)
with Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh, David Farrar

  6.50pm  4472- Flying Scotsman
An epitaph for the age of steam 
                Another chance to see this unique film of                     the Flying Scotsman's dramatic non-stop                     run from London to Edinburgh on May 1,                     1968

  7.30pm  News Summary, Weather

  7.35pm  How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  cartoon film with music and song
                Boris Karloff narrates this unusual and                         amusing Christmas story

  8.00pm  Iolanthe 
an updated version by Alan Melville,
                with Patrick Cargill, Joan Sims

  9.35pm  Bardot special 
In which Brigette Bardot invites you to join                   her in a variety of moods and settings with                   her guests, Manitas De Plata and Sacha                       Distel

10.25pm  Film : The Red Shoes (1948) 
starring Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger