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TV Times Christmas Cover 1968 - and Listings

Christmas Eve Tuesday 24th December 1968


  9.00am  Moonshot

  9.15am  Close

  4.30pm  The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

  4.50pm  Sooty's Christmas Party
                Harry, Sooty, Sweep and Butch are spending Christmas at home and holding a party
                for all their puppet friends. With so many people to cater for, Sooty and Co. decide
                to help Harry prepare the food.

  5.15pm  Thirteen Thousand and Eighty-Three Pounds
                with Elizabeth Crowther, Howard Trevor, James Hayter and Marjie Lawrence.
                Poor little rich girl, Esther, is 11 years old and has £13,083 in the bank.
                Surprising, then, that she is having a horrible Christmas.
                Like all spoilt children, when she suffers  she makes sure that everyone else in sight is miserable.                         Danny the pageboy, Hugo the waiter, Leo the pastry chef and her stepmother, Marion-all feel the                           lash of Esther's wicked little tongue. Until . . . . . .
                Playing Esther is Elizabeth Crowther, who is far from being the spoilt child she portrays so                                     convincingly, at 13 she is studying hard for her G.C.E.'s

  5.50pm  News

  6.04pm  Today  with Eamonn Andrews

  6.30pm  Peyton Place the last episode

  7.00pm  Moody

  7.30pm   Film : Carry On Regardless

  9.00pm  Whatever Happened to Christmas ? with Bruce Forsyth and Cliff Richard

10.00pm  News

10.30pm  Borge presents Borge

11.30pm  Focus on St Paul's  introduced by Kenneth Robinson, with the Very Rev
                Martin Sullivan (Dean of St Paul's), John Betjeman, Paul Paget (Architect
                and Surveyor to the Fabric- St Paul's)

11.55pm  Midnight Mass from the Church of St Mary's Star of the Sea, Largs, Ayrshire

  Yorkshire (as Thames except)

  3.00pm  Helter Skelter  with Carol Marsh, David Tomlinson

  4.15pm  Jimmy Green and his Time Machine

  4.25pm  Crossroads (until 4.50pm)

  6.05pm  Calendar

  6.30pm  Honey Lane (until 7.00pm)

  7.30pm  Fast and Loose with Stanley Holloway, Kay Kendall, Brian Reece (until 9.00)

11.30pm  Carols in Kirkgate (until 11.55pm)

  1.00am  Weather

  Christmas Day Wednesday 25th December 1968

  9.15am  Christmas Day with Tingha and Tucker
                Fly with us on a magic carpet to the land of make-believe and meet a wicked magican,
                a genie of a lamp, a talking elephant and Prince Origami with his magic fan.

  9.45am  Carols from Ripon Cathedral

10.30am  Holy Communion at Southwark Cathedral

11.40am  Royal Family at St George's Chapel, Windsor

12.00       Freewheelers
                The Zander Plot-The Stones

12.30pm  Film : Tarzan's Savage Fury with Lex Barker

  2.00pm  All Kinds of Music

  3.00pm  The Queen

  3.10pm  Kelvin Hall Circus

  4.10pm  Do Not Adjust Your Stocking
                starring Eric Idle, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, David Jason,
                Denise Coffey and the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band

  5.00pm  Film : The Courage of Lassie with Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Morgan, Tom Drake

  5.50pm  News

  6.00pm  Film : The Courage of Lassie  continued

  6.45pm  Opportunity Knocks Christmas Special

  7.30pm  Coronation Street

  8.00pm  Film : Westward the Women with Robert Taylor, Denise Darcel, John McIntyre

10.00pm  News

10.15pm  Christmas Horne A'Plenty

10.45pm  The Sex Game  Hippy Hippy Who Cares, by Fay Weldon, with Julia Foster, Renee
                Houston, Valerie Gearon, Julian Orchard, Frederick Jaeger

11.45pm  Mountbatten Interview

12.05am  The Other Side of the Coin Kenneth Groot talks to Marjorie Proops

  Yorkshire (as Thames except)

  9.15am  Moonshot

  9.30am  Sugarball (until 9.45am)

  5.00pm  Film : Yankee Buccaneer  with Jeff Chandler, Scott Brady, Susan Ball (until 5.50)

  6.05pm  Film : Yankee Buccaneer part two (until 6.45)

11.45pm  The Flying Angel, story of the Hull Missions to Seamen

12.05am  Weather

  Boxing Day Thursday 26th December 1968


10.00am  Mad Movies

10.25am  Bugs Bunny

10.50am  The Flying Nun  "Cyrano de Bertrille" with Sally Field

11.15am  Sugarball

11.25am  Dickens at Christmas  Christmas at Dingley Dell, introduced by Fredric March,
                with James Donald, Ambrosine Philpotts, John Salew, Jack Watling

11.50am  Little Big Time

12.15pm  Film : Silver City  starring Edmond O'Brien

  2.00pm  Racing from Wincanton

  3.55pm  Professional Wrestling

  4.40pm  Film : Cinderfella with Jerry Lewis

  5.40pm  News and Sports Results

  6.00pm  Film : Cinderfella  continued

  6.30pm  Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width  I'm Dreaming of a Kosher Christmas,
                with John Bluthal and Joe Lynch

  7.00pm  Film : Hatari  starring John Wayne, with Elsa Martinelli

  9.30pm  The Reporters

10.00pm  News

10.15pm  Cinema Says It With Music

11.00pm  Eamonn Andrews Boxing Day Special
                with Kenny Ball, Danny La Rue, Roy Hudd and Dickie Henderson

11.45pm  The Other Side of the Coin Kenneth Groot talks to Alan Brash,
                director of Christian Aid

  Yorkshire (as Thames except)

  9.55am  Moonshot

10.00am  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

11.00am  Robin Hood

11.25am  Once Upon a Time

11.35am  Crossroads

12.00pm  Little Big Time

12.30pm  Film : They Rode West with Robert Francis and Donna Reed (until 2.00)

11.45pm  Honey Lane

12.15pm  Weather