Sunday 14 December 2014

TV Times Christmas Cover 1969

Christmas Eve Wednesday 24th December 1969


10.05am  Flipper

10.30am  The Lone Ranger

10.55am  Tingha and Tucker Christmas Club

11.10am  Lift Off

11.40am  Junior Showtime

12.20pm  Film : Call Me Bwana

  2.05pm  Crossroads

  2.30pm  Peyton Place

  2.55pm  Lost in Space

  3.55pm  Film : Heidi

  5.50pm  News

  6.00pm  With a Little Help From My Friends  George Martin presents

  7.00pm  Coronation Street

  7.30pm  Film : Doctor in the House

  9.15pm  Carry On Christmas

10.15pm  News
                followed by
                Weather Summary

10.35pm  Herb Alpert Show

11.35pm  Donald Swann's Christmas Candle

12.00       Midnight Communion from St Martin-in-the-Fields

  Yorkshire (as Thames except)

10.20am  Lift Off (until 10.55)

11.05am  The Champions: The Invisible Man

12.00       Junior Showtime

12.35pm  Forest Rangers

  1.00pm  Film : Very Important Person with James Robertson Justice, Leslie Phillips

  2.35pm  Castle Haven

  3.00pm  The Saint  Queen's Ransom (until 3.55)

11.35pm  Carols in Kirkgate (until 12.00)

  1.00am  Weather

  Anglia (as Thames except)

    No programmes until

  1.05pm  Castle Haven

  1.30pm  The Romper Room

  1.50pm  Lift Off

  2.25pm  Junior Showtime

  3.00pm  Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

  3.55pm  Film : Treasure Island

  6.00pm  About Anglia

  6.35pm  Crossroads

11.35pm  It's Christmas Day in the Morning

  Christmas Day Thursday 25th December 1969

  8.15am  Carols for Everyone

  9.05am  Superman

  9.30am  Cinema Musical Special

10.15am  Christmas Morning United Free Church Service

11.00am  A Merry Morning

11.30am  Film : Moonfleet

  1.00pm  Kelvin Hall Circus

  2.00pm  This is...Tom Jones

  3.00pm  Film : Petticoat Pirates

  4.35pm  Aladdin

  5.50pm  News

  6.00pm  All Star Comedy Carnival

  8.30pm  The Benny Hill Show

  9.30pm  Film : Robin and the Seven Hoods

10.30pm  News and Weather

10.40pm  Film : Robin and the Seven Hoods (continued)

11.45pm  Whicker in Europe

12.15am  What Was He Like ?

  Yorkshire (as Thames except)

  9.05am  Huckleberry Finn (until 9.30)

11.30am  Film : Who's Minding the Store ? with Jerry Lewis (until 1.00)

  3.00pm  Film : It's Great to Be Young with John Mills, Cecil Parker (until 4.35)

  9.30pm  Whicker in Europe

10.00pm  Film : Donovan's Reef starring John Wayne, Lee Marvin, Dorothy Lamour

10.35pm  News

10.40pm  Film : Donovan's Reef (continued)

12.00       I Leonardo

  Anglia (as Thames except)

  8.45am  Christmas in Calliope (until 9.30am)

11.30am  Film : Carry on Constable

  3.00pm  With a Little Help My Friends George Martin presents

  4.00pm  Popeye

  4.10pm  Crossroads

12.15am  Reflection

  Boxing Day Friday 26th December 1969


  9.05am  Diane's Magic Theatre

  9.15am  New Adventures of Batman

  9.35am  Film : Dodge City

11.20am  Holiday in Switzerland

12.05pm  Crossroads

12.30pm  Peyton Place

  1.00pm  Professional Wrestling

  2.00pm  The Big Band Sound

  2.45pm  Film : Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

  4.45pm  Laurel and Hardy  cartoon

  5.00pm  Hey! Cinderella

  5.55pm  News and Sport

  6.10pm  Nearest and Dearest Special

  7.00pm  Tommy Cooper

  7.30pm  The Ken Dodd Show

  8.30pm  The Engelbert Humperdinck Show

  9.30pm  Curry and Chips

10.00pm  News at Ten

10.15pm  Film : Breakfast at Tiffany's

12.20am  What Was He Like ?

  Yorkshire (as Thames except)

  9.05am  no programme

  9.10am  Survival

  9.40am  Diane's Magic Theatre

  9.50am  Film : Tarzan's Peril starring Lex Barker

11.15am  Holiday in Switzerland

12.00       Wheel of Fortune

12.30pm  I've Married a Bachelor (until 1.00)

  4.45pm  Charlie Chaplin (until 5.00)

12.30am  Weather

  Anglia (as Thames except)

  No programmes until 9.20am

  9.20am  Arthur

  9.50am  Film : Tarzan's Peril

11.15am  Holiday in Switzerland

12.00       Crossroads

12.25pm  The Romper Room

12.45pm   Popeye

  2.45pm   Film : Tycoon starring John Wayne

  5.00pm  Alice in Wonderland animated musical special

12.20am  Reflection