Sunday 21 December 2014

Christmas Radio Times 1978 - What Was On

Christmas Eve Sunday 24th December 1978


  9.15am  Camberwick Green
                narrated by Brian Cant

  9.30am  The Sunday Gang
                God is with us! The gang discover the real                 meaning of Christmas

10.00am  Nai Zindagi Naya Jeevan
                magazine for Asian viewers

10.30am  Film : Hans Christian Andersen (1952)
                starring Danny Kaye

12.20pm  Sunday Worship
                because One Child is Born 
               There were many children born that year,                  but Christmas remembers the birth of only                one, Jesus Christ , in Bethlehem

  1.00pm  News Headlines, Holiday Weatherman

  1.05pm  Film : Chisum (1970)
                starring John Wayne

  2.55pm  The Sleeping Beauty
                The Royal Ballet's production, 
                from Covent Garden, with Merle Park 
                and David Wall
  5.20pm  Pinocchio
                dramatised in four parts, Part 4

  5.50pm  News with Angela Rippon  
                Weather Jack Scott

  6.00pm  Dame Margot Fonteyn
                appeals on behalf of the Samaritans

  6.05pm  Songs of Praise
                We wish you a Merry Christmas
                A choir of almost 500 nurses and doctors,                   together with families and friends in                           London's Royal Festival Hall, is linked with                 the Choir of Clare College,                                         Cambridge, and the people of Clare in                         Suffolk meeting in their Parish Church for                   this special Christmas Eve programme of                   favourite carols and hymns

  7.15pm  All Creatures Great and Small
                last episode of the series

  8.05pm  The Sunday Film : El Cid (1961)
                starring Charlton Heston,
                Sophia Loren and Geraldine Page

11.00pm  News with Angela Rippon  Weather

11.10pm  André Previn's Christmas Music Night
                André Previn introduces and conducts the                   London Symphony Orchestra 

11.55pm  Christmas Midnight Communion
                from St Mary's Church, Selly Oak,                  Birmingham

12.55pm  Weatherman/Regional News

  1.00am  Closedown

Christmas Day Monday 25th December 1978 


  8.55am  Christmas Carols From Cambridge
                sung by The Choir of King's College

  9.50am  The Flumps
                Where's Grandfather?

10.05am  Christmas Day Worship
                from Knutsford Methodist Church,                             Cheshire

11.03am  Weather Ian McCaskill

11.05am  The Spinners at Christmas
                The Spinners are joined by their audience                   in festive mood for a seasonal special of                     music and comedy

11.35am  Film : Clambake (1967)
                starring Elvis Presley Première

  1.10pm  Holiday on Ice
                introduced by Brian Matthew

  2.00pm  Top of the Pops 78
                introduced by Noel Edmonds

  3.00pm  The Queen
                speaks to the Commonwealth

  3.20pm  Larry Grayson's Christmas
                Generation Game
                special edition for Christmas Day-with lots                 of surprise guests and seasonal games for                   the contestants and the family to play at                   home starring Larry Grayson with 
                Isla St Clair

  4.20pm  Film : The Sound of Music (1965)
                starring Julie Andrews  Première

  7.10pm  Evening News with Peter Woods

  7.15pm  Some Mother's Do 'Ave 'Em

  8.00pm  The Mike Yarwood Christmas Show
                special guest stars, the world's most                           popular singing group Abba with Janet                       Brown

  8.45pm  True Grit, a Further Adventure
                a film specially  made for TV

10.20pm  News with Peter Woods

10.30pm  Parkinson at the Pantomime
                with special guest Arthur Askey

11.35pm  A Christmas Ghost Story
                The Ice House by John Bowen

12.10am  Weather

12.15am  Closedown

  Boxing Day Tuesday 26th December 1978


  9.05am  How Do You Do ?
                Rainy Day

  9.30am  Buck Rogers
                in 12 episodes, starring                 Buster Crabbe as Buck Rogers 
                3: The Enemy's Stronghold

  9.50am  The Fantastic Journey
                Beyond the Mountain

10.35am  Film : Demetrius and the Gladiators
                (1954) with Victor Mature

12.13pm  Weather Ian McCaskill

12.15pm  Grandstand 
                introduced by Frank Bough                 (12.15 Rugby League, 1.00 Football Focus,                 1.10, 1.40, 2.10 Racing from Kempton                  Park, 1.25, 1.55 Racing from Wincanton)
  2.35pm  Disney Time
                introduced by Paul Daniels

  3.25pm  It's a Christmas Knockout  
special festive competition from Villars,                       Switzerland

  4.25pm  Jim'll Fix It

  5.05pm  News with Peter Woods 

  5.15pm  Sport/Regional News

  5.20pm  Film : Walt Disney's The Boatniks (1970)
                with Robert Morse and Phil Silvers

  7.00pm  Are You Being Served ?
                Happy Returns

  7.30pm  Mastermind Final

  8.05pm  The Two Ronnies
                starring Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker                 and their guests The Manhattan Transfer

  8.50pm  News with Peter Woods

  9.00pm  Film : The French Connection (1971)
                starring Gene Hackman

10.40pm  Last of the Summer Wine
                Small Tune On a Penny Wassail

11.10pm  Boxing Night at the Mill
                with Norman Wisdom and Libby Morris

12.00am  Weatherman/Regional News

12.15am  Closedown

  Christmas Eve Sunday 24th December 1978


12.15pm  Leonard Bernstein at Harvard
                The Unanswered Question 
                Continuing this series of six lectures given                       by Leonard Bernstein. 

                3: Musical Semantics 
  2.40pm  Simple Faith ?

  2.55pm  Christmas Matinée : Custer of the West
                (1967) starring Robert Shaw, Mary Ure,
                Jeffrey Hunter, Ty Hardin

  5.10pm  Rugby Special
                The South v Edinburgh
  6.05pm  The Light Princess
                a fairy tale by George MacDonald

  7.15pm  The World About Us 
                The Spell of the Orchid

  8.05pm  Christmas Carols from Cambridge
                sung by The Choir of King's College
                readings by Sir John Gielgud
  9.00pm  News on Two, Weather

  9.05pm  Petticoat Lane
                a new musical for Christmas
                by Cicely Herbert and Jim Parker, with
                Sheila Hancock, Freddie Jones and 
                Alfred Marks
10.05pm  The Old Grey Whistle Test  
                10cc in a special Christmas concert recorded                   earlier this week at the Wembley                                     Conference Centre.

11.00pm  Fred and Ginger in : Follow the Fleet
                (1936) starring Fred Astaire
                and Ginger Rogers

12.55am  Closedown
                Peter Wilson talks 
                about Piero Della Francesco's The Nativity




  Christmas Day Monday 25th December  1978 


11.05am  Play School
                Story: The Fox and the Tomten

11.30am  Closedown

  2.30pm  Sounds of Christmas
                The Goldsmiths Choral Union
                at the Royal Albert Hall in the presence
                of HRH The Princess Anne

  3.20pm  The Snow Queen
                a fairytale for television

  4.20pm  Christmas Matinée : Dersu Uzala (1975)
                Russian film with English subtitles  

  6.35pm  Magoo on 2
                Perils of Magoo

  6.40pm  Baker on Board
                Richard Baker joins a Royal
                Navy Taskforce in the Pacific

  7.15pm  The Queen
                speaks to the Commonwealth

  7.35pm  Anne Hughes
                Her Boke, in wiche I Write what I Doe,
                When I Have thee Tyme
                The Diary of an 18th Century Farmer's  

                Wife, starring Elin Jenkins, Barry Jackson 
                and Joanne Pearce

  8.35pm  News on 2, Weather

  8.45pm  The Count of Luxembourg
                by Lehár, an Austrian production, with  
                Eberhard Wachter

10.20pm  The King's Singers
                traditional carols and music

10.50pm  Fred and Ginger in : Swing Time (1936)
                starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

12.30am  Late Night Story 
                third of five horror stories on the theme of                       childhood. Read by Tom Baker,
                tonight The Emissary by Ray Bradbury

12.50am  Closedown


  Boxing Day Tuesday 26th December 1978


11.00am  Play School
                Story: The Pantomime

11.25am  Closedown

  1.45pm  Christmas Matinée : Hatari! (1962)
                starring John Wayne

  4.20pm  My Kind of Movie
                Clive James chooses High Noon

  4.25pm  Home from the Sea
                the Ark Royal's final  
                return to Plymouth 

  4.55pm  And Now the Good News...
                Richard Stilgoe invites you to see again some                   of the highlights from his recent series, in                       which he has been taking an optimistic look at                 the news and events of the last two months                   of the year

  5.20pm  It's Today
                musical entertainment from Derek Griffiths
  6.00pm  The Schools Prom
                from the Royal Albert Hall
  6.50pm  News on 2 , Weather

  7.00pm  Verse, Worse and Baby Grand
                music and humour

  7.30pm  TV Film : The Gathering
                starring Edward Asner, Maureen Stapleton

  9.00pm  Hinge and Bracket
                A Gala Evening from the Royal Hall at                             Harrogate with Dr Evadne Hinge &                 Dame Hilda Bracket

  9.45pm  Don McLean and Friends in Concert
                with The Jordanaires and Elkie Brooks

10.35pm  Late News, Weather

10.40pm  Fred and Ginger in : Carefree (1938)
                starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

12.00       Late Night Story
                The fourth of five horror stories on the theme                 of childhood. Read by Tom Baker 
                Tonight, Nursery Tea by Mary Danby

12.20am  Closedown