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TV - Times Christmas Cover 1965 - TV Listings

Christmas Eve Friday 24th December 1965


  2.00pm  Film : The Pickwick Papers (1952)

  3.40pm  A Children's Festival of Carols and Lessons

  4.20pm  Crossroads

  4.45pm  Small Time
                'Pippy the Telephant' presents the nautical adventures
                of Captain Ruff and his ready crew

  5.00pm  Five O'Clock Club
                among the Christmas Eve guests at the club are
                Johnny Tillotson, The Ivy League, Lita Roza,
                Mike Redway and Herman's Hermits

  5.25pm  Atom Ant cartoon

  5.55pm  News and Weather

  6.08pm  The Circus Comes to Town

  7.00pm  Take Your Pick

  7.30pm  Emergency-Ward 10

  8.00pm  Ready, Steady, Go!
                Cathy McGowan invites you to meet the pop stars of the present and future.
                Guests include:
                Herman's Hermits,
                The Animals,
                The Kinks,
                The Who,
                Chris Farlowe,
                The Hollies

  8.55pm  News

  9.10pm  Cinema
                Michael Scott presents

  9.40pm  A Man Called Shenandoah
                The Verdict
                Shenandoah (Robert Horton) captures a killer,
                but despite his evidence the man goes free

10.05pm  Peyton Place

10.35pm  In the Beginning...The Archbishop of Canterbury

10.50pm  News Headlines

10.55pm  The Wayne and Shuster Show taking an affectionate look at WC Fields

11.55pm  The First Communion of Christmas from Waltham Abbey, Essex

  Granada (as Rediffusion except)

  2.30pm  Film : Tons of Trouble (1956)

  3.40pm  Film : Time Lock (1957)

  4.50pm  Good Evening from Granada (until 5.00pm)

  5.25pm  Stingray

  5.50pm  The Archbishop of York (until 5.55pm)

  9.40pm  Film : Trapeze (1956)

11.25pm  Phil Silvers Show (until 11.55pm)

  Christmas Day Saturday 25th December 1965


  9.00am  Lichfield Cathedral Carols for Christmas

  9.45am  Adventure Showcase
                Supercar The Magic Carpet
                Fireball XL5 Planet 46
                Stingray A Christmas to Remember

11.00am  The Christmas Family Service from Waltham Abbey, Essex

12.00       The Adventures of Robin Hood

12.30pm   News

12.35pm   Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with Burl Ives

  1.30pm  Christmas Chorus

  2.15pm  Wish upon a Wishbone

  3.00pm  The Queen

  3.10pm  Film : Moby Dick (1956) starring Gregory Peck
                followed by
                Football Results

  5.20pm  Christmas Lucky Stars

  6.05pm  The Beverly Hillbillies

  6.35pm  Thunderbirds

  7.30pm  The Big Valley

  8.25pm  The Arthur Haynes Show

  9.00pm  Court Martial Retreat from Life

  9.55pm  News from ITN

10.05pm  The Bruce Forsyth Show

11.10pm  On the Braden Beat

11.40pm  Interpol Calling
                followed by
                The Weather Forecast

12.00       The Epilogue

  ABC Midlands and Northern (as ATV except)

  9.45am  Snip and Snap

10.05am  Return to Oz (until 11.00am)

12.05pm  Christmas Chorus

12.50pm  News

  1.00pm  On the Barrier Reef (until 2.15pm)

  3.10pm  Film : Nicholas Nickleby(1947)

  5.10pm  Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

  6.05pm  Christmas Lucky Stars

  6.50pm  Opportunity Knocks

  7.35pm  Lost in Space (until 8.25pm)

  9.00pm  News

  9.10pm  The Bruce Forsyth Show

10.10pm  The Avengers

11.10pm  ABC Weekend

11.40pm  On the Braden Beat; Weather; Epilogue

  Christmas Sunday 26th December 1965


10.00am  Journey of a Lifetime

11.00am  United Free Church Christmas Service, from Albion Congregational Church, Ashton-Under-Lyme

12.15pm  Mr Riviera with Charles Drake

12.40pm  Film : Montana Belle

  1.50pm  Police Five

  2.00pm  News

  2.05pm  The Reputation Makers

  2.35pm  Film : There was a Crooked Man (1960) starring Norman Wisdom

  4.30pm  The Forest Rangers

  4.55pm  Lena, starring Lena Horne

  6.00pm  News from ITN

  6.15pm  Ring a Bell

  6.35pm  About Religion : 900 years

  7.05pm  A Date with Music: the carols of Thomas Merritt, C19th miner

  7.25pm  The Palladium's Christmas Special

  8.55pm  Film : King Kong (1933)

10.05pm  News

10.15pm  Film : King Kong(1933) continued

10.45pm  Braden Again

11.05pm  The Eamonn Andrews Show
                The Weather Forecast
                The  Epilogue

  ABC Midlands and Northern (as ATV except)

12.15pm  Under the Southern Cross

  1.25pm  News

  1.30pm  The Reputation Makers

  2.00pm  The Littlest Hobo

  2.30pm  Mad Movies

  3.00pm  Film : Treasure Island

  4.55pm  Lena (until 6.00pm)

  8.55pm  Film : Bhowani Junction starring Ava Gardner (until 10.05pm)

10.15pm  Film : Bhowani Junction continued (until 11.05pm)

  Boxing Day Monday 27th December 1965


  9.45am  Half Hour News

10.15am  Gilligan's Island

10.45am  Survival

11.10am  The Adventures of Seahawk

11.40am  Ragtime- Late Joys

12.15pm  The Addams Family

12.40pm  News from ITN

12.45pm  Racing from Wincanton (1.00, 1.30, 2.00 and 2.30 races)

  2.40pm  Film : Three Men in a Boat starring Laurence Harvey, Jimmy Edwards, David Tomlinson

  4.15pm  Crossroads

  4.40pm  Small Time

  4.55pm  Go!

  5.20pm  Flipper

  5.50pm  Sports Report and News from ITN

  6.10pm  Chaplin Carnival excerpts from The Wild Clerk of the Pawnshop

  6.30pm  The Flintstones

  7.00pm  All Our Yesterdays

  7.30pm  Coronation Street

  8.00pm  The Power Game

  8.55pm  News from ITN

  9.10pm  Stars and Garters

  9.40pm  Film : Moulin Rouge starring Jose Ferrer

11.40pm  News Headlines

11.42pm  Dateline
                followed by
                The Weather Forecast

11.52pm  The Abbey : A Tribute to Westminster Abbey on its 900th Anniversary

  Granada (as Rediffusion except)

  2.40pm  Film : Great Expectations

  4.45pm  Good Evening from Granada

  4.55pm  Go!

  5.20pm  The Magic Boomerang (until 5.50)

  6.05pm  My Mother, The Car

  6.30pm  Scene at 6.30 (until 7.00)

  9.10pm  Witness for the Prosecution

11.10pm  Stars and Garters (until 11.40)

11.45pm  Granada in the North

  Tuesday 28th December 1965 (Bank Holiday)

  Associated Rediffusion

10.30am  Westminster Abbey: a Service to inaugurate the 900th Anniversary Year, attended by
                the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales and Princess Anne

12.10pm  Closedown

  2.30pm  Out of School (2.33 Afternoon Edition, 2.59 Ici La France, 3.20 Notre Ville)

  3.36pm  Closedown

  4.20pm  Crossroads

  4.45pm  Small Time

  5.00pm  Five O'Clock Club

  5.25pm  Stage One Contest

  5.55pm  News; Weather

  6.08pm  Three After Six

  6.30pm  Car 54, Where Are You ?

  7.00pm  Double Your Money

  7.30pm  Emergency- Ward 10

  8.00pm  No Hiding Place

  8.55pm  News

  9.10pm  Alfred Hitchcock Hour

10.05pm  The World Tonight

10.35pm  News

10.37pm  My Three Sons

11.07pm  Westminster Abbey, edited recording of morning service

11.52pm  Dateline; Weather

12.03am  The Abbey

   Granada (as Associated Rediffusion except)

  3.35pm  Onze Rue de la Gare (until 3.55)

  4.50pm  Good Evening from Granada (until 5.00)

  6.05pm  The Phil Silvers Show

  6.30pm  Scene at 6.30 (until 7.00)

  8.00pm  Film : The Horse's Mouth (1958)(until 8.55)

  9.10pm  Film : The Horse's Mouth (1958) (continued) (until 10.05)

10.35pm  Amos Burke, Secret Agent

11.25pm  The Abbey

11.50pm  News; Granada in the North

12.00      Closedown