Tuesday 8 March 2016

British Life Photography awards

A picture of people photographing the summer solstice at Stonehenge is the winner of this year's British Life Photography award. The image, titled Past Present, was taken by Elena Marimon Munoz and triumphed in the Brits on Holiday category
The competition, which aims to showcase "the essence and spirit of British life", was open to both amateur and professional photographers.
Past Present, Stonehenge, Wiltshire EnglandImage copyrightElena Marimon Munoz
Image captionPHOTO: With thanks to English Heritage
"By the time the sun started to rise above the stones, hundreds, if not thousands of people, had gathered inside the stone circle, phones and cameras up in the air ready to record the magical moment," says Marimon Munoz. "In the picture, I wanted to capture the mixture of ancient history and modern technology, fused together - past and present."

Rural Life Winner - Steve Morgan

Blown Washing, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, ScotlandImage copyrightSteve Morgan
Image captionBlown Washing, Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides, Scotland
"After spotting it whilst driving along the Golden Road on the east coast of Harris, I jumped out of the car on the single-track road to catch the backlit scene before the sun disappeared behind the clouds again."

Street Life Winner: Sam Mellish

East London Street ArtImage copyrightSam Mellish
Image captionEast London Street Art
"I was out in east London documenting the streets. Walking along Holywell Lane, famous for street graffiti, I stumbled across this team freshly designing a unique urban fresco," says Mellish.
"I really like the symmetry between the artists in relation to the characters they are painting."

Urban Life Winner: Nick Isden

Morning Fog over Tower Bridge, LondonImage copyrightNick Isden
An early-morning fog envelopes Tower Bridge as commuters make their way to work in Nick Isden's winning image.

Portraiture Winner: Claudia Janke

George, Packington Square Estate, Islington, LondonImage copyrightClaudia Janke
Image captionGeorge, Packington Square Estate, Islington, London
"George, 84, has lived in this flat for 42 years. He shared it with his sister Doris until she was moved into a care home. George has also moved into new accommodation as a result of a regeneration programme.
"This image was part of an installation challenging common prejudices about people living on council estates, as well as exploring the sense of loss and gain that irreversible change brings with it," says Janke.

British Weather Winner: Chris Parker

Snowing at Rock-a-Nore, Hastings East SussexImage copyrightChris Parker
Image captionSnowing at Rock-a-Nore, Hastings, East Sussex
"I love the old fishing net huts and boats here," says Parker. "They provided the perfect background to capture this snow flurry."

Life at Work Winner: Janine Wiedel

Throwing and Winding, Silk Weaving, West SuffolkImage copyrightJanine Wiedel
Image captionThrowing and Winding, Silk Weaving, West Suffolk
"Established in 1903, the Gainsborough Silk Weaving Company in west Suffolk is now one of the oldest and last remaining commercial mills in England. It has produced many fabrics for the Royal Family as well as state buildings worldwide."

Documentary Series Winner: Dan Giannopoulos

: Living with DementiaImage copyrightDan Giannopoulos
Dan Giannopoulos's project, titled Living with Dementia looks, at life for Dennis and his family.
"Dennis suffered a stroke in August 2008. The stroke triggered the onset of vascular dementia. After spending a number of months being cared for by his wife Ruby, the decision was made to transfer him to a care facility nearby," says Giannopoulos.
Dennis is being visited by his youngest daughter, Jane, on his last day in his family home, where he's lived with his wife Ruby for almost 30 years.

Historic Britain Winner: Janine Wiedel

Standing Up Against Apartheid, Trafalgar Square, London, 1985Image copyrightJanine Wiedel
Image captionStanding Up Against Apartheid, Trafalgar Square, London, 1985
"The protest was aimed at British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher for her refusal to impose harsh enough economic measures against South Africa to force President Botha's government to end apartheid," says Wiedel. "Banners demanded the release of Nelson Mandela serving a life sentence for a 1964 conviction for plotting sabotage."

Winner of the Young Photographer Award: Luke Dray

Protesters gather outside Downing Street to urge the Prime Minister to back the ban on hunting with dogs.Image copyrightLuke Dray
Protesters gather outside Downing Street to urge the prime minister to back the ban on hunting with dogs in Luke Dray's winning shot.
An exhibition of some of the best work that was entered for the 2015 BLPA competition runs from 7 - 13 March 2016 at Mall Galleries, London. British Life Photography Awards Portfolio 2 is published by Dewi Lewis Publishing

All images courtesy of BLPA.