Friday 18 March 2016

Pioneering 'social supermarkets' selling cheap food opening in London

Three new “social supermarkets” selling food stock cheaply to people on low incomes are set to open across London.
The supermarkets in Haringey, Enfield and Lambeth will sell in-date foods that would not be sold by big retailers for reasons such as incorrect packaging or over-production.
All the food will be in-date and would otherwise be sent to landfill. Services like employment help, budgeting tips and cookery lessons will also be offered.

The 'social supermarkets' will sell food which would otherwise be sent to landfill Rex

The three new stores follow the success of the pilot supermarket which opened in Lambeth last year and has so far helped 520 households in south London.
Like the first, the new shops will receive funding from the Mayor of London’s High Street Fund as part of a £129 million investment in the capital’s high streets from Boris Johnson. 
On the stores, Mr Johnson said: “When I visited the Lambeth Community Shop last year, I was struck by the range of training and skills services, making it a hugely positive resource.
"This funding will help boroughs kick start similar ‘social supermarket’ ventures that can really help local people on tight budgets. I want to see more innovative schemes on our high streets that tackle food waste, help communities and offer access to a variety of good standard cheaper food.”