Sunday, 23 August 2015

Train delays as Halfords lorry stuck under Beckenham bridge

A Halfords "We Fit" lorry got stuck under a bridge, causing train services to be suspended.
The vehicle became wedged under the railway bridge in Upper Elmers End Road in Beckenham in south-east London.
Southeastern services were stopped between Elmers End and West Wickham for about an hour until about 10:30 BST on Saturday.
The Halfords lorry stuck under the bridge
Train services were suspended for about an hour after the lorry got stuck

Last October another Halfords 'We Fit' lorry became trapped under a bridge less than a mile away.
Halfords lorry
A Halfords "We Fit" lorry became stuck under a bridge in Beckenham last October
Train services were also suspended on that occasion after the truck was jammed under the crossing in South Eden Road.
Danny Speed tweeted: "@Halfords_uk second time one of your lorries didn't fit under a bridge less than 500 yards from last time."